Re: Jews need to start a school building program....

Shmaryahu b. Chanoch wrote:

Doc, I am not totally sure of what you just wrote.

A true Jewish education would have to teach much of the "secular"
subjects such as math, history, language and so forth. But it would
ADD Jewish subjects such as Torah/Talmud, Hebrew/Aramaic and such.

What we need are great schools, schools that do far better than what
the public schools currently do now. Your West Lafayette HS is one of
the best in the state. Yet Jewish kids are having issues, even kids
dropping out due to bullying. So much so that the district put a
charter school inside the HS in order to protect those who are being

And your Provost, Ms. Mason, is putting out the word that the US faces
a threat in that kids are avoiding math and science. That most of
Purdue's science and engineering students are now foreign born.

We need better schools. And the public system is no longer the answer.

I agree. A good Jewish school has to provide an excellent secular
education as well as an excellent Jewish education. The local Jewish
school (and the only Jewish elementary school in the area) may be doing
OK on Jewish issues (I don't know), but it is pitiful when it comes to
math. Occasionally, we get a kid from that school in our math tutoring
business, and it's embarrassing to see how far behind they are. And
that's behind the public schools, whose math education is hardly
stellar in itself.

Now, this does not have to be the case. The Jewish (elementary) school
in MN where my mother used to teach had an excellent math program; the
math team regularly took 1st place in the state, and a lot of kids
would go straight from 6th grade math to 9th grade math at other
schools. It didn't hurt their Jewish education any.