Re: Spelling question: Abruzzi surname

I get the apostrophe left out *all the time*. I grew up without it,
but stuck it in when I found out that it should be there. I'm getting
married soon and wanted to make sure that I'm content with the
capitalization that goes on the official documents. I also want to
find out the proper way to pronounce it -- grew up with "day-tree" but
have been saying something like "DAHtree" now.

What to do, what to do ...

It amazes me that so much software refuses to take the apostrophe. I
had an issue with Southwest Airlines where I couldn't associate a
ticket with my FFM account because the former wouldn't let me put it
in, but the latter did. G'rr. It's puzzling how many people re-
arrange the letters even when I spell it out. "Datari" is a common
one; Datir is another. Heck I even once got "Daytee".