Re: Stabbed 9-Year-Old Jewish Boy Put Up a Fight

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I just wanted to say I hope the kid is OK. He's got a lot of
courage to stand up and fight, unarmed, a grown muslime
pig armed w/a knife.<

Thankfully, the wounds were light and the kid is okay.

I hope the muslime pig perp dies a brutal, painful death.<

There was a bit of a rampage by some of the settlers and about 4
Palestinians were hurt in response.
But thankfully, no one was fatally hurt. In general, Israel kids tend
to be a lot braver than their diaspora kinfolk.

Of course they are. The little tykes

You're right, it would be better if they beat seven shades of shit out of the
muslime pig bitch.

How brave is that already?

It's all good to me,

Because you're a cunt.