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Gaza terrorists amass and fire rockets into Israel faster than the
minor Israeli raids strike down terrorists and launchers. An IDF base
is only one kilometer from Gaza. Parents warned the IDF it is easy
target. The IDF paid no heed.

A rocket recently wounded 30 soldiers there, at least one fatally
(IMRA, 9/10).

If Israel had not withdrawn the settlers from Gaza, it would have had
patrols out, preventing the rocket-launching. This news confirms my
point that the presence of settlers protects troops, not, as
proponents of withdrawal said, that troops risk a great deal by
protecting settlers.

Will those withdrawal proponents stand up and admit their dangerous


The book by professors Mearsheimmer and Walt was discovered to have
been advertised on Sen. Obama's web site. Obama said the book's theme
is just plain wrong. His foreign policy advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski,
a former Carter National Security Advisor, defended the book. He
credited it with having "rendered a public service by initiating a
much-needed public debate on the role of the 'Israel lobby' in the
shaping of US foreign policy."

Prof. Alan Dershowitz, a chief critic of the book, and an ally of
Obama's rival, Sen. Clinton, asks Obama to repudiate his advisor.
Brzezinski was known as anti-Israel during the Carter administration
and has accused it of war crimes in Lebanon recently. The Obama
campaign thought the new controversy contrived (Russell Berman, NY
Sun, 9/12).

It's not contrived. Brzezinski has a record of blind hostility to
Israel that makes him a poor advisor. Worse is when he credits the
error-filled book by the bigoted Mearsheimer as a public service.
Brzezinski's comment indicates that he thinks there is a problem with
the Israel lobby. He thus joins Mearsheimmer and other antisemites in
exaggerating Jewish power, their inconsistency glaring in view of the
power of the Arab lobby. The difference between the lobbies is that
Israel is pro-US while the Arabs are, are least in the long run, anti-


Israelis were shocked to find a gang of "home-grown" neo-Nazis, "all
recently arrived Russian immigrants" (Tim Butcher, NY Sun, 9/10, p.
8). If recently arrived, they are not home-grown. Israelis shouldn't
be shocked -- the special police who beat up settlers include
antisemites from Russia and Turkey.