Supreme Court Rescues Olmert



Fatah is rocketing Israeli cities. "The 'moderate' Fatah gunmen are
the ones General Dayton wants to strengthen with more weapons and
training (conditioned on their being willing to be recorded on the
payroll of the PA security forces)." (Dr. Aaron Lerner, IMRA, 9/4.)
He's arming them against Israel.


PM Olmert was hastening final status talks with the P.A., before the
Winograd Committee report is due, this autumn. The report finds he
mishandled the Lebanon War. He would not get a chance to surrender
Israeli territory after that report, since it likely would split up
his coalition. Out of office, he no longer would have any power to
appease the Muslims to please leftist prosecutors. This would render
him susceptible to prosecution for extensive corruption.

Now we hear that the Supreme Court has saved him from that
predicament. It requires the Committee to hold time-consuming
interviews with criticized officials, first. That will delay
publication. Meanwhile, members of his coalition kept finding excuses
not to bolt:
#1. "I have to stay inside in order to fight" (and keep my lucrative

#2. "It is premature - I will only act when I know exactly what the
text is of the agreement - not press reports." (Everyone knows Olmert
goes too far.)

#3. "It is only a vaguely written agreement - I will stay inside to
insure that the details are proper." (Part will be kept secret from

#4.. "The detailed agreement is certainly problematic. But I want to
insure proper implementation to minimize damage." (Nothing is
enforced against the Arabs.)

#5. "This is behind us already. I have to stay in order to influence
future policy."

#6. "There are 120 pages in the report and while there is severe
criticism, the word 'irresponsible leadership' appears only on 35
pages. There are 85 pages which do not have such wording and the
report never explicitly says that PM Olmert should resign." (IMRA,

Israel would have no future.

Sharon showed how a PM could exercised power unchecked by the
Cabinet. The only check on him is to pull out of the government and
pull it down. Then force a new election, in which Olmert's and Peres'
parties, including Shas, lose seats. But would another Prime Minister
be independent of the US?