Re: It seems to me

> AntiZioNazi@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Maybe if the Jewish policy was not ethnic cleansing and illegal land
> > confiscation in violation of the United Nations and International law
> > the Palestinians would not be trying to kill the Jews either, ever
> > think of that??? Sheesh, what a maroon<

jgarbuz wrote:
>From the book, "Millennial Missionaries"
> "... Missionaries who followed Wolff noted the vulnerability of
> Jews to the exploitations and bullying of Muslims. W. B. Lewis, who
> in 1823 was sent by the London Jews Society to establish a permanent
> Protestant mission in Jerusalem, observed firsthand the despicable
> treatment of Jews at the hands of the ruling Muslim majority.6 Be-
> yond the crippling taxes which kept Jews as well as Christians in a
> permanent state of poverty, Jews were harassed daily. In the streets
> they feared for their very lives.
> Commiserating with the pitiful conditions of Jewish life in
> Palestine was not enough for Lewis; he wanted to change those con-
> ditions. He was one of the first to recognize that while Palestine's
> Latin Christians were protected by Catholic France, and the Greek
> and Arab Orthodox shielded by Russia, the Jews had no European
> nation they could look to for support against the exploitiveness of
> Ottoman rule. In Lewis's mind, only Protestant Britain could provide
> Jews the support they needed.
> In 1825 the London Jews Society sent George Dalton, a medical
> missionary to the Jews and the only physician in Palestine in his
> time..."

Do not try to confuse Thermidor with facts. He has all the truths he
needs in the fumes of his crackpipe. In any case, Thermidor doesn't
read books.