Re: The 2009 Saucy Limerick Competition

trophy to all the world's virginal asses, for they are the real apples
of of the Academy's eye.

- Molly (breathlessly)

Daaaaaahhhhhhhhlinngggg Mawwwllllllllllyyyyy!
Wellllllllll dawwnnnnnnnn!
Mwaaah mwaaaah
You are just so wonnnnnnn-derful!
What taaahhhhlentttt!
What flaaaaiiiirrrrr!
You are just sooooo stupennnnnn-dous!
Have you hadddd Botoxxx?


To the winners,you all, well done,
Twas all a great bit of fun,
Wrapped up till next year,
Till then ill drink beer,
Which is altogether far more fun.