Re: Greeting to the people of the Republic of Ireland from Togo

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Aha! Got her out of retirement. Recuperated from what if I can be so bold?

Ach, an utterly distasteful run of maladies involving a wee wicked
tumor from within, and post-surgical superinfections from without (not
unlike what appears to have happened to SCI lately). Worst of all, it
thwarted my trip back to South Armagh. How was the Festival this

-Molly (scarred but undaunted)

Way to go, Molly, and join the exclusive 'hey, you wanna to see my scar?' club. Sorry to hear about the superbug. It isn't. Glad you are still with us and up to posting.

It went smashingly, a bit literally. I swear there were 50K people there Satuday night, bobbing to the music...well, pogoing might be a better term. I could not hear the next day at all. Flogging Molly (sorry) was the musical act.