Jumpsuits for Jihadists or Welcome to Prison sweetheart


Jumpsuits for Jihadists:
Islamist Incitement Meets U.S. Treason Laws


The recent conviction of Ali Al-Timimi, the spiritual leader of
the?Virginia jihad network?, for seditious conspiracy has once again
highlighted the importance of prosecuting resident Islamists who incite and
conspire to wage jihad against the American people and their government. This
most welcome development stands in stark contrast to the dhimmified tolerance
of such incitement in the United Kingdom, where Syrian Islamofascist Omar
Bakri and other religion-robed bigots openly spew their hatred towards a
nation that has all too graciously accepted them into their midst. The
suicidal nature of this accommodation was fatally exposed on July 7, 2005 when
British jihadists murdered 56 people and wounded 700 others in attacks against
commuters in London.

In light of recent events, one hopes that the al-Timimi trial represents
an increased willingness on the parts of federal investigators and prosecutors
to aggressively enforce our nation?s laws against treason, sedition, and
subversive activities. Consistent with this, it is in the interest of every
American citizen to be able to recognize and respond to these crimes when they
occur in their community.

The Letter of the Law

Below are the statutes relevant to jihadist incitement:


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