Iran Tests new Qiam-! Ballistic Missile

Iran's new surface-to-surface missile, Qiam-1 (Rising), has been
successfully test fired, the country's Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi

"Being a new class of Iranian missile, Qiam-1 has been equipped with
new technical specifications and exceptional tactical powers," the
general said during this week's Friday prayers in Tehran.

"Qiam-1 is part of the new generation of the Islamic Republic's
surface-to-surface missiles with liquid fuel and completely designed
and built domestically," General Vahidi noted.

He explained that the missile is equipped with a smart navigation
system, which decreases the possibility of it being targeted by other

Vahidi added that the liquid-fuel missile's launch time is low due to
its smart targeting system. "It enjoys enhanced agility due to the
scrapping of its fins."

"The missile can hit targets with high precision," the general noted.