Western standoff with Iran: the only way out

April 6, 2007

Nuclear Standoff With Iran: The Only Way Out

By Hossein Askari

Iran and Iranians (and not just those who oppose the mullahs) feel
more insecure than at anytime since WWII. Acquiring an integrated
nuclear power (not weapons) program may be the only way they can get
the security they seek as it would enable them to develop a deterrent
in case of imminent threat. Where does this sense of insecurity come

The U.S. and the U.K. overthrew the constitutionally elected
government of Iran in 1953. Iraq's invasion of Iran in 1980 along with
the West's subsequent support for Saddam fueled Iranian unrest, shaped
the Iranian psyche and affected Iranian attitudes toward the West, and
especially toward the United States.

After Saddam (and West) invaded Iran, the United Nations took no
actions against Iraqi aggression, thereby failing to uphold the
international rule of law.
During the course of this bloody eight-year war, Saddam used U.S. and
European-supplied biological and chemical weapons to kill and maim
Iranians in the thousands, and supplied Iraq with all its needs,
including satellite intelligence from the U.S. - while the West
embargoed the sales of even conventional weapons to Iran.

The result was that over 500,000 Iranians died and even more were
injured, with many permanently disabled from biological and chemical
weapons. Average Iranians, not just the mullahs, painfully learned
what it was to be vulnerable to external aggression.


* Dr. Hossein Askari (http://hossein-askari.com/bio/) is the Iran
Professor of International Business and Professor of International
Affairs at the George Washington University and is a weekly guest
columnist for the Iranian national daily newspaper Etemad-e-Melli.


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