Re: A Long, Bloody History: Torture American Style

> Can you name some of those people with pictures who have been severely
> tortured the way you say they were?

As I know several of them personally, I shall not mention their names
(my own brother who was a student at Sharif University being one,
together with one of his classmates that I know actually died under

There were some prominent figures like Ayatollah Taleghani whose torso
was completely disfigured by torture.

If you are looking for internet sources (don't forget that the shah
fell in 1979, at least 15 years before the internet spread), then this
is an account of torture by one victim:


Rassouli, along with Tehrani, had interrogated me and consequently
tortured me, severely. Floggings, constant beatings, and mental torture
was common in the Komite Shahrbani. They wanted confessions from me.
But there was none. I did not talk. There was nothing to say. My feet
were swollen and there were deep wounds on my feet. My feet were all
black. Infections were taking over and gangrene was imminent. He would
cuss to discredit me. I had come from a prominent family. No one could
understand. I could not understand. I was an avid reader of all kinds
of books and yet my torturer couldn't grasp it. I had done nothing


And this is an article from 1975 about some of the more prominent
victims of Savak

Also read this link from a book by an American at Pennsylvania uni (you
need to sign to Google)