Re: HezAr FAmil

LOL! I think this is a cultural phenomenon, rather than a political
In other words, "taa budeh chenin budeh vo taa hast chenin khaahad

My late father (no admirer of the Pahlavis), always used to caution
that "This family have filled up their pockets and are not so hungry
now. Anybody new will come with empty pockets and wants to start from
scratch". How right he was!

In fact, if you look at the history of Iran, each new dynasty, started
out as a tribe looting and murdering people across the ciuntry, until
they established their rule and later, were replaced with a fresher,
hungrier, more brutal tribal grouping.

This kind of history, gives rise to an attitude of insecurity. Anybody
who attains office, feels that they (and their friends and family) have
a limited time to clean up, before they are booted out. So they act