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Very good information Nima Jan, thank you

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The following below is a posting on a private website from an anonymous source in Tehran (a public official with access to power who wishes to remain incognito for the time being). What it describes is, in essence, the beginnings of the unravelling of Ahmadinejad's government -- and possibly the IRI as a whole, alhamdulillah rabbi'l-'alamin :) The exclamatory nature of the message below is only matched by it's rarity as the discourse of an insider. Point by point by point it sounds like the same script running as that of the the final days of the Pahlavi dictatorship. This is, then, not your normal email. Also not that this is verbatim what others in Iran are saying as well, not to mention those who are travelling back and forth.

As such, on behalf of humanity and the people of Iran especially, I
would like to take this opportunity now to praise and thank the Lord
Godhead and Creator of the Kosmos profusely for not abandoning us to
the dogs after all. Subhan'ullah wa al-hamdu'lillah wa tasbihan
kathiran 'ali'Llah aladhi la ilaha ilha huwa rabbi-s-samawati wa'l-ard
ma baynahumma rabb'il-'alamin!

The fall of the IRI = death knell of Islamist fundalooneyism en toto
from the horn of Africa all the way to the north and the south poles!!

Tis the season to be jolly!


I have noticed tenth of postings on Ahmadi-nejad and his performance as

the Teheran Mayor. Although, it is very interesting but I haven't seen
much discussion on how is he doing as the President.  The reality is
in Teheran, nobody is much concern about his past but people are much
worried about his behavior as the president. People who I met, feel
Ahmadi-najed's recent comments on Israel were not necessary and
warned the president yesterday not to make such a comment in the
as it is forbidden by Executive Order signed 12 years ago, which still
valid. Rafsanjani further questioned the President's staff why they
haven't shown the president the Executive Order yet.

Here is how Rafsanjani came to power:

As the members know recently Mr. Rafsanjani was assigned to supervise
the three branches of the government. During informal meeting with the
head of the one of the branch, I learned that in fact Ayatollah
was forced to put Rafsanjani in charge. Here is the summary:

1. Ahmadi-nejad held his first cabinet meeting in holy city of
He requested to meet with Ayatollah Tabasi who is in charge of Imam
Foundation (Astane-Ghodes Razavi). This organization is the richest and

most powerful organization in the country. Even during the Shah's
the Governor of Khorasan was also was head of this organization
Ayatollah Tabasi refuse to meet and ask the president to refer all his
questions or concerns to his Chief of Staff. He stated that he is too
to meet.

2. Ahamdi-nejad asks, Ayatollah Shahroudi the Chief Justice, to provide

him with weekly report/status of the Justice Department (Dadgostari).
return, Shahroudi requested an immediate meeting with Khamenei and hand
his resignation to him. Stating to Khamanei, that, I am an Ayatollah,
father was an Ayatollah, my grandfather was an Ayatollah and I don't
this job. He added that I have accepted this position only as a favor
you and I don't need this job.

3. Ayatollah Khomeini's widow and grand-son sent a letter and expressed

their disappointment on Khamanei's support for Ahmadi-nejad

4. Ayatollah Mishkini, head of Guardian Council, comes to Teheran (from

Qom) and ask Tabasi and Shahroudi to join him when he meets with
In this very heated meeting, Mishkini demands that Khamenei to fire
Ahamdi-nejad. Khamenie is saying that people elected him and it does
good for our image to let him go. Mishkini sharply tells Khamenie, this
not new in our systems, as Khomeni fired Banisadr twenty or so years
Khamenei pushes back and Mishkini, says the final words: If you don't
I am going to call special meeting of Guardian Council to replace you.

5. After hours of debates, Tabasi suggested we should call Rafsanjani
come back and supervised all three branches of government. Shahroudi
immediately endorsed the idea. Adel, the head of parliament is called
at this point, he hesitate to agree, however, under heavy pressure from

Khamenei (who is close relative of Adel), Adel agrees.

6. In a very early mooring Rafsanjani gets a call with the offer.
Rafsanjani, stating that I am old and retires and have no interest and
ambitious to have any job.

7. Tabasi and Shahroudi meet with Rafsanjani and asked him to join
Mishkini and Khamenei. He finally agrees if his condition is agreed
Rafsanjani condition was as follow:  Khamenei should appoint the head
"Expediency Council" to this job and NOT RAFSANJANI. By the doing this,
puts the responsibility on the Council rather than himself.

8. This appointment has created much discomfort and Khamenei
the problem when he met with the government leaders (vice minister and
above) on Tuesday November 1st. During this meeting head of all three
branches of governments, as well as Khatami attended the meeting
(Rafsanjani didn't). Khamenei publicly and openly stated that: "I know
many of you are very unhappy with this new arrangement, but you must
follow it to save the Islamic Republic". Referring to Rafsanjani as a

9. On Friday, November 4th, during eid-fetr pray. Both Khamenei and
Rafsanjani violated the prayer rule. During this special prayer (as
as Friday prayer), one-person lead the pray and everyone else, lines
row-after-row. On Friday, Khamenei led the pray, half step away was
Rafsanjani by himself and a foot behind him were the line of
You never, ever had seen such a prayer in any Muslim world including in

Iran. This was too insult and direct challenge to Khamenei.

The crisis in Iran is very serious, the drop of stock market (below
level), and very depressed economy, from real estate to carpet, and
market indicates that things will change to worse before getting any
better. The involvement of president as lowest level and appointment of

all basiji to various position and finally lack of expert on the job,
including having a foreign minister who speaks only Turkish language
his highest position as Iran Ambassador to Turkey represents some of
obvious issues that Ahmadi-nejad and the country is facing.

Until later,

Best regards from Teheran.


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