New Establishment LIE: Global Warming Causing EQ’s, Volcanic Eruptions (NEW Zeta

New Establishment LIE: Global Warming Causing EQ’s, Volcanic Eruptions
(NEW ZetaTalk!)

Posted by Planet Twelve on May 16, 2012 at 6:00pm

The Establishment, and it’s subservient minions et al whom
collectively are working to maintain the Coverup of the facts
regarding the incoming big magnetic planet, Planet X, appear to be
growing ever
 more desperate in their search for scapegoats.
to carry the load of blame for the increasingly apparent Earth Changes
which are occurring as a result of the return to these parts of that
rogue planet, PX.

Their latest comically hare-brained excuse has to be seen to be

07 May 2012: Analysis

Could a Changing Climate

Set Off Volcanoes and Quakes? [NO, it Could Not!]

A British scientist argues that global warming could lead to a future
of more intense volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. And while some
dismiss his views as preposterous
[they ARE preposterous], he points
to a body of recent research that shows a troubling link between
climate change and the Earth’s most destructive geological events.

by fred pearce

Geological disasters might influence climate, for instance when
volcanic debris blots out the sun
[as it will for many years in the
Aftertime, after the Passage of Planet X]. But climate cannot disrupt
geology. Right? Well, actually no, says a British geologist Bill
McGuire, in a troubling new book,
Waking The Giant: How a Changing
Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes.
[The most
troubling aspect of this is that such a shaky and ridiculous premise
and piece of disinfo as that described herein could ever be allowed to
be published, anywhere]

There is, McGuire argues, growing evidence to incriminate changing
climate in the planet’s most destructive geological events
guilty, the perpetrator is one Planet X]. Melting ice sheets and
changes in sea level can, he maintains, set off the largest
earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
[Preposterous]. Indeed, thanks to
climate change, a human hand may already be at work. Potentially,
McGuire’s argument adds a whole new dimension to why we should be
worried about climate change
[Nay, a whole new page in the
Establishment Book of Lies]

The most solid evidence for climatic influence on geology comes from
the end of the last ice age, around 12,000 years ago
[It’s 11,000
years, three Pole Shifts back], says McGuire, who is a volcanologist
and professor of geophysical and climate hazards at University College
London. Analysis of volcanic deposits, published in the past decade by
several authors, has found that this period of rapid climate change,
when ice sheets retreated from much of the planet, coincided with a
sudden outburst of geological activity.[of course, PX can and will
cause such effects when Passing Planet Earth] The incidence of
volcanic eruptions in Iceland increased around 50-fold for about 1,500
years, before settling back to previous levels.

What happened?
[The Bully Passed]McGuire makes the case that during
the long preceding glaciation, the weight of ice some two kilometers
thick over Iceland maintained high pressures underground that kept
magma at the root of volcanoes solid and suppressed eruptions. But as
the ice melted, the huge

‘Volcanoes can be incredibly sensitive to tiny changes to their
external environment,’ McGuire says.[Based on what evidence ?]

weight was released and the land surface lifted, sometimes by hundreds
of meters. This reduced the pressure below. He cites Freysteinn
Sigmundsson at the Nordic Volcanological Center at the University of
Iceland in Reykjavik, who says: “Reduction of pressure enabled mantle
rocks to melt, creating a zone of magma upwelling underneath Iceland.”
Magma production increased 30-fold – that magma, the argument goes,
burst out in a spectacular epidemic of volcanic eruptions.

Similar, though less pronounced, surges in volcanic activity occurred
at that time across much of the planet
[yes, as occurs during Pole
Shifts], wherever large ice sheets or small tropical glaciers melted,
says Hugh Tuffen, a volcanologist at the University of Lancaster in
England. From the Eifel mountains of Germany to the Chilean Andes, and
from California to Kamchatka, volcanoes were awakened, says McGuire,
who chaired a conference on climate change and geology at the Royal
Society in London in 2009.

While the planet’s volcanoes have been relatively peaceful during the
long stable climate since then,[whilst PX is out chasing his 
master, Sol’s binary twin] McGuire warns that we need to watch out as
the world starts to warm once more. “Volcanoes can be incredibly
sensitive to tiny changes to their external environment, constantly
teetering on the edge of stability,” he says.

Defrosting the planet’s cold regions has for some years been
implicated in a range of “natural” disasters. The rapid melting of
glaciers creates dangerous lakes of meltwater, perched high in the
valleys of the Himalayas and Andes.

Some geologists have expressed skepticism about any immediate cause
for concern.[The cause for concern is the incoming Planet X]

Thawed soil unleashes landslides. Christian Huggel, a geographer at
the University of Zurich, Switzerland, found in a study of mountain
slope failures in Alaska, New Zealand and the European Alps that “all
the failures were preceded by unusually warm periods,” lasting days or
weeks. There are also concerns that warming will release the potent
greenhouse gas methane from permafrost and continental shelves,
creating a dangerous feedback to global warming
[*Main Establishment
Lie Alert] itself.

But McGuire is talking about changes deep in the Earth’s crust, caused
by the lifting or imposing of the weight of ice and ocean water at the
surface. And the concern relates to earthquakes as well as volcanoes.
For earthquakes, the evidence points to changes in sea levels, as well
as the melting of ice..

It goes on here:,
but I think we get the picture.

Just more disinfo being spewed from the regurgitating mouth of the

An insult to the intelligence of the Common Man and ornament to the
idiocy and hapless desperation of the Coverup et al.

This has been posed as a question to the Zetas, who will soon give us
straight talk on this, cut 
through the Coverup cloud of

Till then,
 do not be fooled.

Added by Nancy. This was an accepted Question for the 5/26 Q&A, answer
provided early here.


The attempts to explain the Earth changes in the context of anything
BUT Planet X in the vicinity have gotten absurd. The rise in
earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have paralleled the approach and
entry of Planet X into the inner solar system in 2003 and the
increasingly violent Earth wobble that has been evident since early
2004. There is a direct correlation, with an exponential increase in
earthquakes and volcanic eruptions due to this OBVIOUS gravitational
and magnetic influence. Beyond the correlation, there is the obvious
appearance of the Planet X complex on SOHO images and the prior
Magnetic Simulator images. Clearly, there is a body in the inner solar
system causing the current Earth changes.

Where did the Global Warming theory come from, and why has it and
similar theories been pushed so hard? It has long been noted by
scientists that the Earth’s crust gives evidence of periodic
cataclysmic changes – wandering poles, volcanic explosions, melting of
the old poles with consequent temporary sea level rise, and great
tidal waves washing inland in various places around the world.
Velikovsky laid out the periodic nature of these cataclysms and
related them to the possibility of a passing planetary body, but even
then the truth was considered too frightening for the common man to
contemplate. Velikovsky was vilified and his books banned, in many

But it was not the Earth’s history that caused the UN body, the IPCC,
to come forth aggressively in 1990
pushing the Global Warming theory, which has subsequently itself been
vilified when the IPCC was found to be deliberately publishing
fraudulent data.

The melting poles and glaciers were proceeding faster than the Global
Warming models, and the permafrost was melting from the bottom up, and
the theory explained NONE of the erratic weather changes and certainly
did not address why the Sun and Moon were appearing in the wrong
places. Ridicule of the observers was being used to damp discussion of
this, the same technique that was being used to discredit those who
sighted the Planet X complex in the skies or questioned the twisting
magnetosphere of Earth.

But what was most troubling to the cover-up was the obvious rise in
earthquake frequency and magnitude, along with the number of newly
awakened volcanoes around the world. Inactive volcanoes, not active
for thousands of years, were regularly awakening. The cover-up has
gotten more desperate, and is willing to float almost any theory that
they hope will connect, logically, in the public mind. Thus the newest
establishment lie was invented. The supposed proof that this new
theory is correct is that it correlates
in history with evidence of
periodic cataclysms on Earth. Well of course this all correlates! The
passage of Planet X is periodic!
This new theory attempt to place the
end of the last Ice Age at 12,000 years prior, when historicans have
always agreed it was 11,000 years ago, three passages back.

This new theory makes the claim that earthquakes and exploding
volcanoes are CAUSED by the shifting weight from melting ice and the
increased weight of water in the oceans! Once again, a SYMPTOM of the
presence of Planet X is being claimed as the CAUSE. Melting poles and
rising seas are regularly present during a passage, as are huge
earthquakes during plate movements and volcanic explosion from
sloshing magma! But the CAUSE of this is not a mysterious warming, but
the passing Planet X body itself. It is the lurching Earth wobble that
is sloshing the magma about and smashing plates into one another. Once
again, the elephant in the room is being ignored.


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Comment by wanderer 3 hours ago

Yup, they're getting desperate alright. We know and we're
spreading the truth!

Comment by astrogal50 6 hours ago

Wow! This goes to show just how desperate the cover up is
getting, pushing such absurd "research."

Watch: They will double down on this latest Establishment Lie
because it seems to explain some of the hardest-to-cover-up earth
changes without explaining anything, of course. But it does not
address signs in the sky, the signs the cover up conveniently ignores
or removes the evidence/proof of (e.g., the magnetosphere and formerly
unretouched SOHO photos).

How come the supposedly open/free mainstream media in the U.S.
still are not even mentioning the fact the sun rose way too far north
this morning, again? Not even the imaginative cover-up artists and
their minions can use "climate change" or "global warming" in any
believeable manner to explain such signs in the sky, so it is Zetas
right again! and say nothing.


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