Re: Akibat-Akibat Dosa

Have you watched the newly released tapes of Osama on TV?

This makes me think. What will the FBI or the CIA find in my house?

What will the Densus 88 find in your house, or what will they find in
Gatho's house, or in MekoQ's house, or in Konsisten's house in case they, or the German's police should break into your house tonight?
Have you ever thought about that seriously?

On 5/7/2011 2:19 PM, Ifadah wrote:
• Dosa yang Mendatangkan Bencana
• Dosa yang Meruntuhkan Penjagaan
• Dosa yang Menghalangi Doa
• Dosa yang Merusak Kenikmatan
• Dosa yang Mempercepat Kematian
• Akibat Mengulang Dosa
• Dosa yang Disegerakan Akibatnya

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