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Dry ice is commonly used to package items that need to remain cold or
frozen, such as ice cream, without the use of mechanical cooling. In
medicine it is used to freeze warts to make removal easier[7]. In the
construction industry it is used to loosen floor tiles by shrinking and
cracking them, as well as to freeze water in valveless pipes to allow
repair. In laboratories, a slurry of dry ice in an organic solvent is a
useful freezing mixture for cold chemical reactions.

Dry ice can also be used for making ice cream.[8]

Dry ice is also used as a source of carbon dioxide. It can be used to
carbonate water and other liquids such as beer.[citation needed] It can
be used as bait to trap mosquitoes and other insects[9]

When dry ice is placed in water sublimation is accelerated, and low-
sinking dense clouds of fog are created. This is used in fog machines, at
theaters, discoteques, Halloween, and nightclubs for dramatic effects.

tapinyah miturut si mBill nyang kluwar dari dry ice iku