Re: Daftar 12 Murid Yesus menurut Injil Barnabas (Injil Barnabas Pasal 14)

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1. Andreas
2. Petrus
4. Matius
5. Yohanes
6. Yakobus anak Zebedeus
7. Tadeus
8. Yudas
9. Bartolomeus
10. Filipus
11. Yakobus
12. Yudas Iskariot

Jesus descended from the mount, and passed alone by night to the farther
side of Jordan, and fasted forty days and forty nights, not eating
anything day nor night, making continual supplication to the Lord for
the salvation of his people to whom God had sent him. And when the forty
days were passed he was an hungered. Then appeared Satan unto him, and
tempted him in many words, but Jesus drove him away by the power of
words of God. Satan having departed the angels came and ministered unto
Jesus that whereof he had need.

Jesus, having returned to the region of Jerusalem, was found again of
the people with exceeding great joy, and they prayed him that he would
abide with them; for his words were not as those of the scribes, but
were with power, for they touched the heart.

Jesus, seeing that great was the multitude of them that returned to
their heart for to walk in the law of God, went up into the mountain,
and abode all night in prayer, and when day was come he descended from
the mountain, and chose twelve, whom he called apostles, among whom is
Judas, who was slain upon the cross. Their names are: Andrew and Peter
his brother, fisherman; Barnabas, who wrote this, with Matthew the
publican, who sat at the receipt of custom; John and James, sons of
Zebedee; Thaddaeus and Judas; Bartholomew and Philip; James, and Judas
Iscariot the traitor. To these he always revealed the divine secrets;
but the Iscariot Judas he made his dispenser of that which was given in
alms, but he stole the tenth part of everything.


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