Re: China strikes back on Arunachal

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Let the people of Aruchanal Pradesh decide. China is building roads to
AP, India should do the same.
What are the Aryans of India afraid of? AP was a gift of the British
Empire to India. Stolen property
bequeathed to India. Stolen property remains stolen property forever.
It must always be returned.
More than road building, the concept of "stolen property" is
interesting. What cut-off date did you have in mind for "re-acquisition"
of "stolen property?" Any deeds/treaties to back the claims? Wouldn't
Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, and Heilongjiang count as
"stolen property," despite all the demographics altering hanky panky? Do
these people get to decide like in Arunchal Pradesh? The people of
Arunachal Pradesh have decided, and they do vote in Indian elections.
That's right. Should all of India be returned to the Dravidians? Silly
Indeed a stupid question. Aryan and Dravidian stuff is a figment of someone's wild imagination.

really? so, now you are back in business with rat's behind?

Behind you? No. :-) :-)