Bharathi wrote:
Suresah saranam sarma
Visvaretah prajabhavah
ahah samvatsaro vyalah
pratyayah sarvadarsanah

Here is verse 10 in Devanagari

सुरेश: शरणं शर्म विश्वरेता: प्रजाभव: ।
अह: संवत्सरो व्याल: प्रत्यय: सर्वदर्शन: ॥१०॥

The commentary is left intact. Thanks for the same

(SureSah) = the Lord of the devas
(Saranam) = refuge
(Sarma) = forbearance
(Visvaretah) = the sperm of the universe
(Prajabhavah) = The one who makes beings born
(Ahah) = the day
(Samvatsarah) = the year
(Vya lah) = the serpent
(Pratyayah) = faith
(Sarvadarsanah) = the vision of everything and all
Invoke the Lord as the lord of devas; the sense of refuge; and
also as the sperm of the universe and the one who makes beings born,
as the
day, the year and the serpent of time; as the object of faith and the
vision of all and everyone.
Explanation :
1. Suras are the Lords who guide the energy centres in us and in
the universe. They belong to the deva kingdom.
2. Refuge is a sense in us which stands as the cause of fearlessness.
requires it on the objective plane and fearlessness is achieved by
meditating it on the subjective plane.
3. The sense which makes us withstand adversities and the faults of
is the divine surface of defence in us. This is known as the silent
endurance of any injustice or adversity without complaining against
or fate.
4. Everything in this universe germinates through fecundity and
ferrilisation. The sun's rays serve this purpose in every arom.
As a result, we see everything developing into its own state and form
existence. This power is the sperm of the Lord.
5. The above described capacity makes beings born. On the lower plane,
are born from the seed or the mother's womb.. On the higher plane,
everything is born from its previous state of existence and takes its
also in the previous state of existence. For example, air is born our
space and exists in space. The sperm makes the seminal fluid born
again exists in the sperm waiting to conduct its function of
6. The day is the unit of time berween a sunrise and a sunset. This
varies in its magnitude relatively ro the magnitude of the
consciousness of
the observer. Just as the
human beings have their day, every being has its own day varying in
magnitude. The Brahma has his own day through the span of which he
finds his
unit manifestation of his creation. Thus the day is the unit form of
Lord himself who projects the unit of time.
7. The year is another unit of time into which the Lord makes his
manifestation. The word *samvatsara *in Sanskrit itself explains the
natUre of the year. The movement of the one revolution which contains
cyclic periodicity of its detail is the sense of the word in
8. Vyalah. *The movement which we call time is described as the
serpent upon the thousand heads of whom this whole splendour of the
rests. The winding and unwinding coils, the gliding of the total body
without legs visible and the periodical shedding of the scales of skin
the serpent meditated as the representative of time. Hence, the Lord
is the
imperceptible movement of the serpent of time.
9. Pratyayah. *Faith is the centre which sustains everything of us
itsel� It is the functioning nucleqs of the very biological and
psychological entity which is the unit existence of each of us.
10. Vision is the unity which exists beyond the diversity of what we
Knowledge pierces the veil of darkness in patches in various positions
locations through various angles until the whole veil is removed
the total background of the light beyond. This stage is called
*darsana *or
vision in Sanskrit. This exists as intuition in everyone end leads him
the right comprehension through a series of better understandings. It
is a
fine play of the Lord who exists as the background light


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