Ang Ang Bharat ka toot raha hai

India is a land of insurgency. There are a number of nationalities and
sub-nationalities at war with Indian "Union".
Right from occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir upto far eastern
province of Assam, insurgent groups are
at arms with the "Union" government. As the famous saying goes:

" Ang Ang bharat ka toot raha hai"

Instead of realizing its repression, persecuation and oppression of
"union" government, government of India blames its failure to
Pakistan. Here is a brief profile of rebellion in Assam from across
the border.:

Formation: Asom Sanjukta Mukti Morcha or the United Liberation Front
of Asom (ULFA) was formed on April 7, 1979 by Bhimakanta Buragohain,
Rajiv Rajkonwar alias Arabinda Rajkhowa, Golap Baruah alias Anup
Chetia, Samiran Gogoi alias Pradip Gogoi, Bhadreshwar Gohain and
Paresh Baruah at the Rang Ghar in Sibsagar to establish a "sovereign
socialist Assam" through an armed struggle.

War Cry: Joi Ai Asom


Arabinda Rajkhowa is the 'Chairman' of ULFA. 'Vice Chairman' Pradip
Gogoi was arrested on April 8, 1998 , and is currently in judicial
custody at Guwahati. 'General Secretary' Anup Chetia is under
detention in the Bangladeshi Dhaka after being arrested on December
21, 1997. The outfit's founding member and ideologue Bhimakanta
Buragohain, 'Publicity Secretary' Mithinga Daimary and 'Assistant
Secretary' Bolin Das were arrested during the military operations in
Bhutan in December 2003. Earlier, 'Cultural Secretary' Pranati Deka
was arrested at Phulbari in the West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya.

Other leaders are: Bhimkanta Buragohin, Pradip Gogoi alias Samiran
Gogoi, Mithinga Daimari, Pranati Deka and Ramu Mech ,Mithinga Daimary
(real name Dipak Das),The cultural secretary of the Ulfa, Pranati Deka
hails from Nalbari district. She is the wife of the group's finance
secretary Chitrabon Hazarika. She was first arrested from a Mumbai
hospital in 1996. Later, she was released on bail in 1998 only to be
arrested again at Phulbari, Meghalaya in 2003 while trying to escape.

The ULFA has a clearly partitioned political and military wing. Paresh
Barua heads the military wing as the outfit's 'commander-in- chief'.
Following the military operations in Bhutan in December 2003, most of
its top leadership reportedly operates from unspecified locations.
According to reports, ULFA is in the process of relocating its camps
in Myanmar, Mon district of Nagaland, Garo hills of Meghalaya and
Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Areas of Activity and Influence

The ULFA's organisational structure is divided into four zones:

East Districts(Purb Mandal)
West Districts(Paschim Mandal)
Central Districts(Madhya Mandal)
South Districts(Dakshin Mandal)

Sanjukta Mukti Fouj (SMF):

A military wing of the ULFA, the Sanjukta Mukti Fouj (SMF) was formed
on March 16, 1996 . SMF has three full-fledged battalions (Bn): the
7th, 28th and 709th. The remaining battalions exist only on paper - at
best they have strengths of a company or so.

India is at war against herself.

Javed Kaleem