STILL THINK .... Pandit (?) Jawaharlal Nehru

Pandit (?) Jawaharlal Nehru

....And Nehru's Birthday is Childrens' day!
The First Prime Minister of Bharat, Jawaharlal Nehru smoking with Lady
Mountbatten! An addict like Nehru is not an ideal for the children in
any way, yet we celebrate his birthday as 'Childrens' Day'! Projection
of such a personality by the Congress calls for a Revolution! It would
be appropriate to celebrate Childrens' Day in the name of Maharshi
Kashyap who has written Holy texts on Health, based on Ayurveda.

Nehru's 'love' for Edwina Mountbatten ruined Nation! - Exposed by
Edwina's daughter

Nehru with EdwinaLord Mountbatten "used" his wife Edwina, who shared a
"deep emotional love" with Jawaharlal Nehru, to influence India's
first Prime Minister to refer the Kashmir issue to the United Nations,
according to the last Viceroy's daughter, Pamela.

"That is true and he did use her like that. But he certainly wasn't
going to throw her, he didn't say to her go become the Prime
Minister's lover because I need you to intercede. It was a by-product
of this deep affection," Lady Pamela Hicks said in an interview to
Karan Thapar in his programme 'Devil's Advocate' to be aired on CNN-

Hicks, who has recounted the relationship between Nehru and her mother
in the book India Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens
During the Transfer of Power , said it was possible that Edwina's
influence played a role in Nehru's decision to refer Kashmir to the

Source: Indian Express ,CNN-IBN

Nehru's illegal relationships exposed by his secretary
M. O. Mathai (a longtime private secretary of Nehru) believed, Nehru
fathered a son by a woman called Sharda Mata (assumed name) who gave
birth to the child in a convent in Bangalore. "I made discreet
enquiries repeatedly," writes Mathai, "about the boy but failed to get
a clue of his whereabouts." Continues Mathai: "Had I succeeded in
locating the boy, I would have adopted him. He must have grown up as a
Catholic Christian blissfully ignorant of who his father was."

Source: 'Reminiscences of the Nehru Age' by M. O. Mathai
(This book is banned by Congress Government)

I am Hindu... by accident - Jawaharlal Nehru

To talk of Hindu culture would injure India's interests. By education
I am an Englishman, by views an internationalist, by culture a Muslim,
and I am a Hindu only by accident of birth. The ideology of Hindu
Dharma is completely out of tune with the present times and if it took
root in India, it would smash the country to pieces. - Prime Minister
Jawaharlal Nehru

Ref: Violation of Hindu HR - Need for a Hindu nation - III, by V
Sundaram (Retd. IAS Officer)

(This is the reason for referring Nehru as Mr. Nehru instead of Pandit
Nehru. - Editor)
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Aim of this series
Nehru's term as Hindu majority Nation's first Prime Minister is full
of failures and Himalayan blunders. 'Appeasing Muslims and njustice to
Hindus', was the essence of Gandhi-Nehru's secularist philosophy.
After Independence, Nehru committed the heinous crime of combining
secularism with Western Culture. These ethics and line of thinking of
Nehru is Nehruism! To a large extent, today's writers and so-called
intellectuals promote this Nehruism. These so called intellectuals
turn a blind eye to the colossal errors in judgement committed by
Nehru before independence, after independence, in his personal life
and the compromising of the Nation's security for personal gains. The
objective of this article is to make the blind 'Nehru lovers' see how
supporting Nehruism is leading the Nation to destruction.