Re: of World War 2

Diversify your efforts people. :-}

On Sep 17, 1:46 pm, Satya Prasad Popuri <sppop...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Although the Allied forces attacked Japan with a nuclear bomb the sam
was done on the western end toward Nazi Germany. It was called Vick's
Vapor Rub. The pill form of the Nuclear Bomb was introduced as a
regiment in the diet of every citizen. Of course you are familiar
with the Lithium pill. It was probably prescibed to many westerners
in the form of a pain killer.

So go far in your arrogance, God gives you no choice, good luck to
you. It's called planet earth. Other people have it worse.

In that there there this exists idiots, wrongs, fool, and useless.
More to mention.

For those of Charitys we must insist:

United we stand, divided we fall. This is a truism, which must be
maintained. I notice many of you with a high level of erudition
engage in communication tactics of barbarians. You get what you
give. We choose no to take part in a crime, by maintaining

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For Desis of easterners we can only contribute the following data


Ahimsa (refrain from malice)
Satya (refrain from fallacy)
Asteya (refrain from larceny)
Aprigraha (refrain from avarice)
Brahmacharya (refrain from prostitution)
Suacha (maintain cleanliness)
Santosha (maintain satisfaction)
Tapsya (maintain effort)
Swadyaya (study of religious books)
Ishwarapranidhana (prayer to God)

Good luck to you. :-}

Om sri Raama jai Raama jai jai Raama.

Om bhur bu vasuvaha tat savitur veraneum bhur go devasiya dimahi
diyoyo nap prachodayat thu.
(God, we meditate on the glory of the Vivifier Divine, may He alone
illumine our minds.)

I say this in the name of Christ, Allah, Yaheway, Krsna, Ahura Mazda,
Tathagata, Buddha.

Shalom, Allah Akhbar, Amen, Om shanti, Om tat sat.

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(The Swastikinity of Sanskrit derivation)
[swastikha and trinity and "One nation under God!" icons]
{sthan means the place in Sanskrit}
<One place under God!>

However, during Nazi Germany and World War 2 it was mostly devoutees
which were killed, whichever maybe you phonetisization of them. I
notice that truth is taken for granted by many of the killers. Things

Who were the really annihilated into dust during 911? Were they
serious devout or those who were seiously criminal? Unknown. I
happen to go to the basement mall for hanging with pals at the time.
It was a nice place for eating, shopping, touring, and relaxing.
Somewhat like airports but easly accessible. The people were
friendly, accomplished, well read, and good looking. We have no clue?

Please pray for those annihilated by the 911 strike. IMHO, the Iraqis
are not the accomplises. This mind game is that of an unknown.
Probable accomplises could be the European Union of whom?

At a republican level the European Union is that of Europe, Arabia,
and Africkaa. At a Democaratic level it is unknown? The same at a
Socialist level.

We say the accomplises are Pharmaceutical Governments as Bayer,
Ranbaxy, Smith Kline Beecham, and Pfizer, to mention. Locally in New
York City the popular seller of Pharmaceuticals at a local levle is
Anteka. Some aritistic mind game is played with the lettering of the
name of the store on the auning.

History fact:
The nuclear bomb was developed in Manhattan and then manufactured in
Arizona and tested in New Mexico?

Is it true?

Whichever may it be, let us put our efforts in establish a maintenance
of communication. I notice in any Operating System paradigm it is
important for a tool to maintain and refrain. The UNIX command
prompting allows for maintaining a dialogue. As far as refraining how
about a website which provied key tools to inicate the foundation of a
concatenation. For example:


How about 12 tools for one per community? :-}

We have tryed compualley. We need something, which will work for the
majority of the world in legality to encourage harmony among
communitys and castes. The Unix is viable for harmony among castes
and the "compualley" network would be viable for harmony among
communitys. Is it not true?

It is never too late to be religious. We are all saying it.
Seriuosly, we insist. Praise to God, thanks to Allah, by the power of
Brahman, and the witness of Jehovah.

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(The swastikinity of sanskrit derivation)
{swastikha and trinity and "One nation under God!"}
[sthan means the place in Sanskrit]
<One place under God!>