Re: Joint Statement on Secretary Clinton’s Official Visit

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On Thursday, July 12, 2012 5:53:31 PM UTC-7, Soumaly wrote:
Oh--please let me know if you don't mind--can I come and join you
guys? I think there is a Lao Restaurant next door to Night Trac--am I
correct? I beleive this Night Trac Area--call Asian Center something
like that..Right?

Love and kisses

Sao Sou,

You can come and join with us.  Actually, in this area (fast trac night club)has Lao, Vietnamese restaurants, plus Hmong super market.  I believe inside fast trac, some night has a Lao band playing the music too.  come and have fun!!!

Thank you ອ້າຍເຊີນຍີ້ມ. Yes, you are right, but there are only one Lao
restaurant in that area though. The owner is a Lao southerner (from
his Lao accent). Please let me know so I can go and join you guys for
couple cups of coffee since I don’t drink. In fact, a little more than
a year ago I was in the area. I went to join the little reunion of
“ancient etudiants de dongdok.” It was taken place at Ai Xiong
Thao’s farm. He is the owner of Panoche livestock in Laton (about 15
miles south of Night Trac). It was the first time I had a chance to
eat ໂຕເຍືອງ courtesy of Ai Xiong Thao. By the way, do you know Ai
Xiong Thao? He was a former student of ecole superior de pedagogie at
Dong Dok class of 1977. I went there with my friends who were Dong Dok
alumni (I am not Dong Dok alumni).But, when I was there, I met few
friends including my elementary school friend that I haven’t met for
years such as Chanhday Phandara. Do you know him? Chanhday was also
Dongdok alumni class of 1978 and he lives in the Bay area which is not
very far from you.

Again, please let me know when you are planning to come so we can meet
for couple of drinks. Thank you.

Love and kisses