Re: General Vang Pao's son, Cha Vang arrested by LPDR Group # 45 in Laos


Can you tell us about the LPDR group #45 and #25? Also, can you
reveal many of your Army/merceray ballations that will liberate 9
provinces of northern Laos. I am a veteran. Maybe, I can be your
army consultant with a small fees.

What do LPDR gain by arresting this crony CHA VANG who is looking no
more than a young Lao Lads, fresh fruits, exotic meats (monkey, deer,
snake, dog etc.) to extend his depressed life, low his blood pressure,
and low blood surgar, and importantly contributes his years of SSI
savings into the mainstream Lao economy? If I am LPDR leader, I
would lure many Crony CHA VANG to the land of the poorest nation on
earth for fresh fruits, wild life meats, Young Sao Din etc. to
complete with Thailand for their life savings to help the economy. I
would encourage my country men and women to provide the best services
for these Crony CHA to make sure these CHA come to visit Laos years
after years. If LPDR killed one, they will lose at least $10,000.00
free money to Thailand. The real CHA enjoys PHO in Santa Ana,
California with his father every moning.

On Nov 23, 9:44 am, Freedom I <listhoj1...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hmong Freedom II, LPDR's enemy, was confirmed by undentify LPDR
Paid Agent that, Cha Vang was arrested last week by LPDR's number two
group 45. For your information, LPDR's Group # 45 is the LPDR's Women
Murder Group; same group that murdered Vue, Mai more than 10 years
ago. LPDR Group # 25 is the LPDR's Men Murder Group that murdered
of our Hmong People in the past.

The Paid Undentify LPDR Secret Agent reported that Cha was arrested
Vientiane last week. Shots were fired during his arrested. Cha was
recently lured to LPDR by one of LPDR Leader Khamtai's son. Cha was
recruited to live and work at Former Hmong General Vang Pao's  home
Vientiane, the LPDR's Capital. Cha traveled to LPDR without a Visa.
Khamtai's son named, Bon guided Cha to LPDR without a proper visa. At
this time, sure if Cha is dead or alive.

LPDR is working very hard to erradicate all Hmong Pontential Leaders.
October 3, 2009, LPDR murdered Pa Kao Moua and six of his comrades in
the border of Hmong Laos, Thai, and Burma.

Please be warned that more of Hmong Pontential Leaders will be

More Later on Cha's arrested

Hmong Freedom II, LPDR's enemy