Re: How Important Are Looks?

Dr. Pao, being that you are the famous international Hmong scholar of
some caliber, these are great observations. Now, will you tell
everyone that NONE of this was in fact your observation, but those of
Michelle T. Sterling, who is the founder of Global Image Group and
expert on image, impression and impact?!?


On Aug 11, 9:48 pm, DownUnder <drpao...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
FIRST IMPRESSION... You have only 3 sec to make it or loose it!!!!

Within the first three seconds of a new encounter, you are evaluated…
even if it is just a glance.

People appraise your visual and behavioral appearance from head to
toe. They observe your demeanor, mannerisms, and body language and
even assess your grooming and accessories – watch, handbag, briefcase.
Within only three seconds, you make an indelible impression. You may
intrigue some and disenchant others.

This first impression process occurs in every new situation. Within
the first few seconds, people pass judgment on you – looking for
common surface clues. Once the first impression is made, it is
virtually irreversible.

The process works like this:

    * If you appear to be of comparable business or social level, you
are considered suitable for further interaction.
    * If you appear to be of higher business or social status, you are
admired and cultivated as a valuable contact.
    * If you appear to be of lower business or social standing, you
are tolerated but kept at arm's length.
    * If you are in an interview situation, you can either appear to
match the corporate culture or not, ultimately affecting the outcome.

It is human nature to constantly make these appraisals, in business
and social environments. You may hardly have said a word, however once
this three-second evaluation is over, the content of your speech will
not change it. When you make the best possible first impression, you
have your audience in the palm of your hand. When you make a poor
first impression, you lose your audience’s attention, no matter how
hard you scramble to recover it.

On Aug 12, 6:29 am, Nkauj Hmoob Lis <nkaujhmoobli...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
wrote:> Tibneeg, especially txivneej mas yog lawv pom ib tug pojniam zoo nkauj
mas lawv yeej saib tug pojniam ntawd taub hau ti hauv ko taw.  Pojniam
kuj muaj cov uas yog lawv pom ib tug txivneej uas yeej zoo nraug tsawv
thiab los lawv kuj saib thiab.  Yuav tsis saib saum taub hau ti ko taw
tabsis saib dhau lub duav me ntsis xwb (he...he...).

Honestly, nej puas muaj li ntawd thiab?  Kuv muaj ib tug phoojywg mas
nws hais tias yog nws nrog nws tus txiv ua ke mas txawm nws pom lwm
tug zoo nraug los nws yeej ua li nws tsis pom li tabsis thaum nws tsis
nrog nws tus txiv lawm mas yog pom mas nws yeej saib kawg li thiab.
Txawm tus txivneej ntawd twb dhau lawm los tej zaum nws kuj tseem tig
mus saib thiab.


j xav tias qhov look puas tseem ceeb thiab?  Tug neeg uas muaj qhov

look yeej raug luag nyiam dua los yog koj xav tias look tsis tseem
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