Re: Nkauj See Qhov Challenge....

the little god of tsujsua,

hahahahaha........a little bird with a brain the size of your finger
can make you, the little god of nothing, "spaz" is
on the go. I rather be a bird with the brain size of my own finger
and befriend of the HOLY GOD Yaweh then have the brain size of a
bowling ball and know NOTHING of the HOLY GOD......the CREATOR of
heaven and earth.


On Nov 12, 5:42 pm, tsujsuadl...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

i called myself yaweh....and you seem to have a problem with it, you
called yourself a "bird"....and yet, you dont' even know what it
is....tell old r u i said to you before, if you
have nothing to talk about, then cut off your fingers to match your
brain size..



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