Re: Communist laos arrest Dr Yang Dao, why?

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On Sep 27, 3:55 pm, Zab...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Why the communist laos try to arrest Dr Yang Dao while inviting him to
a confrence in Laos? Dr Yang Dao was lucky that he has friend who
informed him before Dr Yang Dao the meeting and Dr Yang Dao was able
to escape to Thailand without being arrest. Now, will Dr Yang Dao be
able to go back to laos again? Will he learn the truth from the
communist or he is still stupid like always.

You are stupid,


Welcome back my zab dag

Ithrought you may be one of the three stooges that missing in Laos.
It is lucky that you are not one of them.

It is true that the LODR try to arest Mr. Doctor Yang Chang, Yang
Dao? Why do you know?

Kuv tsis xav tias tej koj hais ko muaj tseeb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Koj
hnov qhovtwg los es cas yuav hais tau tsis ntxim hnov li, Yang Dao
yeej ib txwm tsis tau hais tias nws nyiam LPDR no sav thiab nws ib
txwm tsis tau hais tias nws yuav pab LPDR no,