Re: 2008 Hmoob Pib Ua Nrog Pim.

Re: 2008 Hmoob Pib Ua Nrog Pim.
by "beemouachaofa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <beemouachaofa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Sep 15,
2007 at 03:47 PM

On Sep 15, 1:47 pm, sakou...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Kuv mloog Ywmpheng Xiong hais nyob hauv xov tooj cua Hmoob Mojthem
thiab mloog nraugseem lawv cov lus mas kuv luag-x mob plab tas. Ib tus
neeg li Yuepheng Xiong es tseem worry thiab xav nrog cov neeg sib
txeeb PIM no tham thiab. Xyoo 2008 ces Hmoob ua nrog PIM xau rau 2015,
2016 ces Hmoob ho pib ua nrog QAU no xwb.

Tej niag teeb meem PIM thiab QAU no xwb mas Hmoob yuav tuag coob baum
twg nwg tsi yog Hmoob qhov national issue nav. Qhov tseeb tiag yog ib
cov ne lus PROPAGANDA xwb, tej zaum Yuepheng Xiong hos xav tias yus
pojniam tsi kam yus mus ces cia siv cov nyuag phian quas dev no rau
Hmoob seb puas yuav kaw tau Hmoob qhov rooj mus siv nyiaj thiab tham
hluas nkauj rau Nplogteb no xwb. Lub caim no Hmoob tabtom vwm pim
thiab qau, yog yuav hais Hmoob txog zaj no mas kuv mus pw tsaug-x zog
zoo dua.

Yog tias cov lus cov nraugseem hais no muaj tias ces tshe JohnNegsia
zam yuav zoo dual lawm tiag laiv, txias tsi ua Hmoob lawm.

Neeg ntiaj teb coob tag baum es luag twb tsi complaint txog qhov tias
coj lawv cov PIM tuaj tag lawm, ua cas Hmoob mas nim txawj-x complaint
tias cov Hmoob laug no coj lawv cov PIM mos-x tuaj tag lawm thiab
Hmoob tseem tsi paub txaj muag hais txog BRIDE PRICE BILL.



When adultery happens. No matter how smart you are, how rich you have,
how handsome you do, how beautiful you look. Your lives are valueless
on earth and in heaven. Others People frighten to be near by you. They
saw you as unfaithful man, woman and God also turn away from you. Let
exam the past adulteries and present love affairs as below:

1. According to the Laotian history. There was NangKeo Phengphan who
became queen of Laos . She ordered her servant to bring man to have
sex with her at night then had him killed in the next morning for many

2. Approximately in 1330 ChaoPhifa, Father of Chao Fangum committed
adultery with his grant father's concubine. The king kicked out both
of Father and Son out of the palace and headed to Cambodia for many

3. In 1353 King of Khmer gave his daughter to Chaofa Ngum and granted
large troop for him to retake Laos. The recorded indicated that after
successful took control of Laos. He had another Laotian wife and
later committed adultery that made the Laotheung and Khmer troops
angry. They kicked him out of power and sent him to die in the foreign
land of Nan, Thailand.

4. Genesis: 6: God said to Noah to build a boat for saving his
family. God told him that people on earth are evils. They committed
adultery and violence happens everywhere.
God will destroy all the animals and People from the earth. Noah told
people and they were laughing at his face.120 years later, Noah's Ark
had been completed, the great flood came. Every living thing on the
earth was dead then God felt sorry that he had made men.

5. Genesis: 18:20-24. The Lord said, " I have heard many things
against the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. They are very evils.
(prostitution). So I will go down and see if they are as bad as I have
heard". So the men turned and went toward Sodom, But Abraham stood
there before the Lord. Then Abraham approached the Lord, Abraham
asked, " Lord do you plan to destroy the good people along with the
Evils persons?. Lord replied; if I found 50 good persons in the city I
will save the whole city. When God reaches the areas. They are all
evils so God sent fire to destroy Sodom & Gomorrah.

6. Exodus:22:22-25: Do not cheat a widow or an orphan. If you do,
they will cry out to me for help. I will certainly hear their cry and
I will be very angry and kill you in war.

7. Judges 19: The war between Israel and Benjamin. At the time Israel
did not have King. There was a Levite who lived in the far away
mountain of Ephraim. He had taken a slave woman, but she was
unfaithful to him and went back to her father house. She stayed there
for four months. He then went to ask her to come back to him. On their
way home the Levite took his slave woman and sent outside to the evils
men and they have sexual relationship with her even she did not want
to. They treat her very bad all night long and she passed away in the
morning. The Levite got home and cut her body in pieces sent to Israel
tribes. They went to war between brothers and brothers for many days
until all the Brothers Levites were dead. Then they recognized that
adultery caused them to kill each other between brothers and brothers.

8. In conclusion. Adultery is making hatred between brothers and
sisters, friend and families. As we had learned in the past. Many
Elders Hmoob military Leaders had forced to marry other young
solder's girl friend. Whenever battle happened in the front line.
These Elders always getting assassination by the solders.


kuv xaav tas koj ruas paub qha txug kev ua cobfab xwb na caag tseem keej
tshaaj peeb ib cov huv nuav lawm hab, tshe tseem paub tshaaj vaajmoob lawm
hab, vaajmoob mas keej kawg ces nws nqeg teg ua kag nws tsi ntshai kev
txhum, ces koj le ces keej kawg tab sis ntshai kev txhum, puas yog?.
hahahha jk

koj cov lug zoo kawg, ua koj tsaug