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Txoj me kev mus aim tus ub tus no paum ces kawg tuag xwb tiag cov
hluas, 3 yawm hluas Hmoob ntawd es lawv twb leeg muaj lub zoo kheej
lam cuag nrob yij nyob qoos qoos hauv tsev nrab tos lawm cas tseem
tsis txaus es tseem yuav mus aim paum ua movi thiab no lov. Tuag, tuag
zaum no os! Yog muaj tseeb tias 3 yawm hluas no mus nriav paum aim ua
movi li cov neeg tham nroo nreb xwb ces kuv saib lawv txoj kev raug
thais ntsiag tos no yuav ua ib qhov good example rau nej cov hluas coj
zaum no. Raug pab nraug seem coj mus thais lawm tiag tiag laus, thais
tas los dab tsis ntxes qhov twg tuaj li os, tsam no ces kuv saib
ntshai ua me kab me ntsaum zaub tag lawm xwb os.

On Sep 15, 10:55 am, vaajm...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
mee moua hab cy thao ob tug pum zoo yuav paab cov tuabneej kws moog
sis aim nyob nplog teb,yog le hov peb qhabnab kubxaj tsaux sab moog
aim cov paum mogx kws nyob nplog teb,mej xaav moog ua cinema sis aim
le peb yawg nuav los tau,ob tug maam paab tso mej nua,
Supporters rally for 3 missing St. Paul men
Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 09/14/2007 12:03:37 AM CDT

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Audio: Sen. Moua addresses the crowd in English and Hmong
Statements from the families
Hakit Yang missed the chance to take his daughter to her first day of

Trillion Yunhaison's wife tells their six children: "Your father will
be home. I will not stop waiting for his return."

The family of Cong Shi Neng Yang - a single father of two children and
the primary caretaker for his elderly mother - is lost without him.

The families of the three St. Paul men, missing in Laos since Aug. 25,
gathered outside the state Capitol on Thursday to plead for their safe

They were joined by about 60 people carrying signs reading "Justice
must be served," "Hakit, Trillion, Cong Shi Neng ... We are with you"
and "Where are three missing Hmong Americans?" Also attending were
politicians and community leaders calling for the Lao government to
disclose the men's whereabouts.

"We deserve to know where they are and why they are being detained,"
said Panyia Ly, Hakit Yang's sister-in-law, in a statement she read on
the families' behalf. "We want to believe that these three U.S.
citizens are still alive in the world with us. ... We demand answers
and will not stop until they have been answered and the men are safely

Hakit Yang, 29, and Cong Shi Neng Yang, 31, are cousins, and Trillion
Yunhaison, 41, is their uncle, said Xai Yang, Hakit Yang's brother.
The men were sightseeing in Laos and looking into opportunities for
starting small businesses, he said.

Laotian military and security forces arrested the men and their
interpreter Aug.



25, according to Philip Smith, the Washington director of Lao Veterans
of America. He has said the reason for the men's arrest was unknown
and that they had no known political or family ties to dissident
"They are good people, good fathers, family men," Chong Thao,
chairwoman of the Committee Rescuing Missing Hmong in Laos, said at
Thursday's rally. "We can't even imagine ... what could have caused
the Laotian government to detain and arrest them."

Laos' government has denied the men were detained and hasn't responded
to repeated requests for information from the U.S. government. But
families of the men said Trillion Yunhaison was able to make a phone
call home Aug. 26, the last time they heard from him, to say they had
been arrested.

Members of Laos' Hmong minority served in a CIA-backed guerrilla army
that fought against Lao communists in the 1960s and 1970s. Afterward,
thousands fled retribution in communist Laos and settled in the United
States. The missing men are Hmong Americans.

State Rep. Cy Thao, DFL-St. Paul, pleaded with the international
community, particularly countries who fund the Laotian government, to
pressure Laos for information on the status of the three.

"Right now, no one knows whether these men have been charged for
anything and, if they have, the Lao government has an obligation to
the international community, and our community, and these families to
let them know what they're charged with," he said. "If ... these men
have committed some crime, they need to be given a fair trial. I think
that's not a lot to ask."

U.S. Sens. Norm Coleman and Amy Klobuchar sent staffers to the rally.
They both said their offices are in "constant contact" with the U.S.
embassy in Laos and state department officials in Washington.

"We are pressing the state department to get confirmation on the
whereabouts of these men, and we will continue to do all that we can
to help resolve this issue," Coleman said in a statement read at the

Many at the rally stressed that the men are U.S. citizens and deserve
the full protection of the government.

"I am confident that the United States of America, who sees its
citizens as very, very precious resources to this country, will work
its hardest to bring home these three United States citizens," said
state Sen. Mee Moua, DFL-St. Paul.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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A St. Paul group is planning a trip to Thailand to address the
desecration of Hmong refugees' graves