Re: False Accusation of DYD Clarified

On Aug 3, 6:57 pm, zhen <shisan.l...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I said dyd went to Lao and "ASKED Lao goverment to adopt a peaceful
solution." When you are an outsider, all you can do is just ask. Lao
PDR does not have to comply or cooperate.

I know my spelling is horrible because first, I'm not a spelling bee
star/contestant. Second, Eglish is not my major. Third, I come to
this forum to get information on Hmong's current opinion NOT to show
off how good my English is. Forth, I don't proof-read my post
everytime before I send. But as long as you understand me, then that's
what it count, right?

You need to learn Hmonglish, too. For example: Me no know and no
understand what you say = I neither acknowledge nor understand what
you are saying. *Smile*


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