Re: Let pull ourselves together to save Gen. VP and his team.

My brothers and sisters,

When 911 hit our country WTC all citizen UNITED. Now it is time for all
Mhong to UNITED. No matter what and who you are. What clan you belong and
what religion you are. We stand for our nation to show the world that we
are not animal. We need some one to replace the General in jail so he can
rest for a while.

To those Mhong pastors, you guy should not sleep like 30- 40 years ago.
You are God's servant. You need to kneel down every day and night ask God
and tell Him about our nation. Those suffering in the jungle all are your
relative. Those got arrested are your cousin. If you said, you are pastor,
you don't play politic, but later politic will play you.

I hate the idea from many Mhong pastor said, "We teach the Gospel only. We
don't like politic". If you let this idea flood you, one day all the Mhong
die, you will also die. At the gate before you enter to Heaven, what will
you answer God if He ask you about the Mhong? Seal your bible and zip your
mouth if you are only pastor and do nothing about your own people.


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