Re: Vang Pao Vs Kaisone Phomvihane

Lao people should rise up, capture, and prosecute Khamtai and his
gangs and hang like they do to Sadam or a One leg Khamer rouge killer
who took 2 millions lives of Cambodia people. Khamtai and his gangs
killed 40k of Lao people in reeduction camps including the Lao king
when they took over. and continue killing its own citizens to this

On May 9, 8:34 pm, Nojnkh...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
In my opinion, all the leaders in every nation are drug dealers, drug
trafickers, murderers and all the evil that they had done to their own
people both friends and foes. Some sytems just do it indirectly to
make them look good from the outside. Others just do it directly to
frightening their enemies. All nations are coprupted but with diferent
degree. Some are obvious while other are more secretive. None is
better than other when it comes to moral and ethical standard.