Re: Moob Amelikas Nraug Teeb Meem nyob Lostsuas

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Cov Phooj ywg,
Peb sawv daws yuam tsum to taub li nram no, es tsis txhob lam tu siab
rau peb cov kwv tij Hmoob Nplog.

1. Tus neeg uas ua txhaum yeej tsis lam piav nws txoj kev ua txhaum
rau nej mloog. (Nyias yeej xawb nyia cai). Yog li tsis txhob lam mus
ntseeg ib tog lus xwb.

2. Teb Chaws Nplog yeej muaj txoj cai "txwv tsis pub neeg txawv haiv
thiab neeg Nplog sib deev". Txoj cai no yog ua los tiv thaiv kom tsis
txhob muaj prostitution. Tiam sis vim corruption thiab kev txom nyem,
lawv thiaj tsis re-enforce lawv txoj cai no xwb. Tab sis yog thaum
leej twg ua dhau nrim heev lawm, ces luag tsev neeg tsis txaus siab
ces thiaj muab txoj cai los hais. Thaum muab txoj cai los hais ces ob
tog yuav raug nplua los sis raug kaw. Hmoob Miskas xum xiab nyiaj
$5,000+ (illigally) kom dim, tsis xum mus pw qhov taub tos luag txiav
txim raws txoj cai es mam them $5,000+ los sis mus raug kaw txog 5
xyoos tej. Yog li, peb thiaj hnov tej xwm txheej zoo li no.


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Your information is good to tell most of our fellow ugly, big belly 5
months pregnancy Hmong/Mong men to be awared of the situation in case
they have faced the consequence in other country. I have been told by
the U.S. underground official said, if we want to go oversea we need
to make many small reduced copied of our passport and hide in
different place around ourself incase the original has been taken or
confiscated by other or police. The small copy has to show to the U.S.
consulate or Embassy.
I told the man who has been hold and paid $5,500.00 fine that why you
should tell them that we can go to see the U.S. Embassy in VTE because
you are U.S. citizen. Tabsi Yawg Moob nuas ces niag AWB+++.


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You had to be smart when deal with them. I mean you had to deal with
the rule of law.

If you have been arrested, ask permission to notify the U.S. Embassy
or nearest U.S. Consulate. Tell the party involved that you are an
American citizen and under the international agreements and practice,
you have the right to talk with an American Consul. (I always have
the U.S. Consulate phone number with me while travelling abroad)

Althought U.S. consuls are limited in what they can do to assist you
in legal difficulties, they can monitor the status of detained U.S.
citizens and make sure they are treated fairly under local laws.

Example of the two cases of the two Hmong Americans who got into
troubles while traveling in Laos and Thailand had excercised their

A Hmong Xiong who lives in Merced, CA. He went to visit his cousin in
Luang Prabang and while in there he messed up with an eighteen year
old Hmong girl whose boyfriend is a local policeman. He took the girl
to shopping and he had bought a dress and other things for her. They
went to take a few pictures in the city park and he took her home and
went back to his hotel to rest.

Her Hmong Lao boyfriend noticed that his lover had acted strangely
toward him after this handsome and tall Hmong man were in town. He
was very jeolous and wanted to use his power to stop his lover from
the arms of his new friend and foe.

While this innocent man was still sleep, his cell phone rung and the
girl asked him to take her to the market to exchange her new dress for
a better size. He met her in the market and exchanged the dress and
went to a restaurant. After that he took her to see his hotel and
tried to practice the new techniques that he just acquired from
VajHmoob High Society School for about two to three hours.

Her boyfriend tried to find her at home but she was not there. He
then tried every which way but loose in search for a lost love while
abusing his jungle power. He had pursuing him for revenge this time.

The Hmong American and the girl took his cousin old's car to him and
while they parked outside at his cousin's house. A group of policemen
including the boyfriend came over and yield angrily to his cousin and
the boyfriend and demanded to know whose car it was that had been used
by this man.

They tried to find fault by painting him a lot of colors and
threatened to arrest him. His passport had been confiscated by the
policemen and they demanded for money. He had told them that he is an
American citizen and needed to talk to the U.S. Embassy and he had
committed no crime.

His cousin tried to intervene but the policemen didn't give the
passport back unless a fine had been paid. The Hmong man flew to talk
to the U.S. Embassy in VT and they re-issued a lost passport for him
to fly back after the Consolar officer had tried to contact the
policemen in Luang Prabang to deal with the matter.

The second case is happened in Thailand with Hmong Thai.

This time is a Hmong Yang who lives in Fresno. He knew a Hmong girl
in northern Thailand and had visited her a few times and promised the
parents that he is going to marry her and bring her to America. He
had promised the parents that if he did not marry her he would paid
the dowry double.

He talked to his wife and she decided to accompany him to marry a
second wife for him. When they got to the parents house, the girl had
run away with her boyfriend. The Hmong American told the parents that
he had to leaved but the parents and their relatives were not happy
about him being with their daughter on and off like a husband for the
past three years and demanded that he paid $5000.00 fine for that. He
had calculted the time that he had spent with her and decided to make
a good offering of $600.00 just for the friendship. The were very
angry with him and confiscated his passport and threatened to arrest

He contacted the U.S. Consulate in Chieng Mai and they had issued a
new passport for him and he then left without paying a single dime.

Next year he is planning to go to Laos after seeing the top 50 most
beautiful Hmong girls video that Eng Yang who lives in Minnesota has
tried to sell it to all Hmong men. I have seen that video and I could
not believed my eyes of not just seen those beautiful top Hmong girls
but the advitised of (themselves) their name and cell phone number
looking for love in America.

I used to blamed the Hmong Americans and did not believe what they had
been told me a long time ago about the young girls in Laos and
Thailand but now I do.

I have three teenagers and they have no cell phone but those poor
young people in Laos and Thailand seen to me like more than half of
them carried cell phone.

The desire for materialism and consumerism had forced our young poor
Hmong girls into..........

And the Hmong overseas who have a few dollar and his credit card are
taking advantage of their youth. It is not fair for our poor young
men in Laos!!!

My friend who is still in Thailand just called me and he rebuked me of
my above statement that if they don't find love with the Hmong
overseas they will find it with somebody else due to the economics in

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