Re: Hmong Hunters Report Other Conflicts!

On Jan 23, 7:45 pm, "Sunrise" <txivneejhm...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The message was addressed unequivolly as an example of how some of us,
instead of minimizing the racial tension by outgrowing it like some
said, we helped intensify more. It is not by any mean intended in my
part to put a mischievous character in the spotlight. Please do not
take the message out of context.

Man, if it is not your intention to put tus Hmong ntawd in the
spotlight as you claimed then what is this? "Tus Hmoob uas kuv tau mus
pab ntawd tam sis no yog ib tug uas hais lus phem tshaj rau Hmoob thiab
saib tsis taus yus li".