Re: Fong Lee: Another Victim of Minneapolis Police Brutality and Cover-up.

Police brutality is an institution that is as widespread and deeply
rooted in America as exploitation itself. Indeed, exploitation cannot
be maintained without police. Wherever there are police there is racism
and brutality. Every race wants power and control and that is why there
is so much corruption in major cities like New York, L.A. and now in
Minneapolis, MN. Italians want to dominate Irish, English, Jews, etc.
Whites want to dominate Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, and other non-whites.

LoneWriter wrote:
Fong Lee: Another Victim of Minneapolis Police Brutality and Cover-up.

By Dai Thao

Minneapolis, MN - Like any White teenager, Fong Lee left home to go
play basketball with his friends. Fong made two mistakes that led to
his execution by Minneapolis Police Jason Anderson. 1. Fong was not
white and 2. Fong did not dress like a White.

According to firsthand sources, on the evening of Saturday, July 22,
2006, Fong and his friends biked passed several police cruisers on
their way to the playground at Cityview Community Elementary without
incident. Whether racial profiling or discrimination - Fong and his
friends ran out of luck when Officer Anderson and State Trooper Benz
began to trail the group of Asian males.

Fong and his friends were riding through the street as Anderson and
Craig drove stealthily behind seeking an opportunity. When Anderson and
Craig passed the first three friends, the friends called out to Fong
and a friend who were ahead to move aside, a car was coming. Instead of
turning opposite direction to look for the car, they both turned inward
to look. As their body turned so did their handlebars. The handlebars
tapped each other and separated. For Anderson and Benz, this was a drug
deal or gun exchanged (no drug or gun was found on Fong). Fong and his
friend gain control of their bikes and stroll off the street into the
field, almost to the playground.

Most playgrounds are safe haven for boys and girls in places like Edina
or Woodbury, but in North Minneapolis, police have a history of
brutality against minorities. Not all police officers are dirty or
trigger happy, but no one really know if some of them put on a KKK hood
on the weekend.

Without warning Anderson tried to crush the boys by ramming his cruiser
into them (Interim Chief Dolan called this "the Confrontation").
Fong was behind and immediately hit first. Fong is thrown from his
bike. His bike became twisted metal. Frightened Fong got back on his
feet and ran toward the school for his life. Fong's friend ahead of
him narrowly escaped Anderson's attack and rode to safety. Anderson
and Benz drew their guns and charged after Fong on foot.

Fong ran the wrong way. He ran beside the school where the neighbors
could not witness his death except for security cameras, all of which
the police have confiscated, and no one is allowed to see them.

According to one neighbor who followed the chase, as Fong ran he
reached down to pull his pants for better speed, and Anderson unleashed
a barrage of bullets into Fong's back. Fong fell forward and tumbled
like a rock, blood sprinkled the sidewalk (this account for the first
shots fired). Anderson turned around and ordered the neighbor to leave
the scene. The neighbor complied.

According to family Fong has no gun and was a good son with family
values, who babysat and cooked for his parents. Upon their
investigation, it appeared from the bloodstain and deep tracks left on
the grass revealed; Fong was then dragged from where he was initially
shot to behind the back of the school. According MPLS police this is
were Fong died.

Behind the school is a dead-end with a camera sitting on top
overlooking the last breathes of Fong's life. According to Interim
Chief Dolan, the chase was recorded but not the killing. Family said
this is quite the lie because the circular camera has a panoramic view
of the execution like killing.

The cover up began. The MPLS police department has taken the hard
drives containing the evidence and Fong's family and their private
investigators have not been allowed to see his body. With today's
technology, even a trained six year old could manipulate digital

Fong was already near death after initially shot. When a person is shot
in real life, they don't get up and run around like in the movies.
The person dropped like a rock. Fong dropped like a rock. After Officer
Anderson told the neighbor to leave the scene, he realized Fong had no
gun. Anderson dragged Fong's body behind the school and stood him in
the corner and shot Fong twice. Anderson then shot the wall two times
and the ground one once; to make it appeared as though there was a

According to the investigators, Anderson dragged Fong instead of
carrying Fong to keep blood of off his uniform. At this point according
to the paper, Benz ran around to block off Fong on the other side of
the school and did not see Anderson's conduct.

Benz has not made a public statement to keep Pewlenty's Troopers in
North Minneapolis program on the lowdown. This year is re-election for
Pewlenty who is already unpopular with minorities with his extreme
views on immigration.

Fong was killed around 7PM on Saturday and while it usually takes law
enforcement two (2) hours to notify a family of a death. The Interim
Chief and his crew needed 12 hours to inform Fong's parent that
Anderson have killed their son. They needed 12 hours to go clean the
crime scene and spray it down with water.

The Russian made gun was part of a cover up to justified murdering Fong
who was riding his bike like other White American boys would do on a
Saturday evening. According to Interim Chief Dolan a gun was found at
the scene, but the gun did not belong to Fong and the gun was not shot
by or found on Fong, otherwise Interim Chief Dolan would have said,
"And we found a gun with Fong. End of story!"

Strategically Interim Chief Dolan brought Anderson back to work even
before a thorough investigation. Dolan wanted the public eyes to move
on quickly. Dolan has made great effort to labeled Fong as a gang
member and sensationalized Fong's trespassing as a felony. Dolan
wanted to put out the fire before the Hmong community could organize
and form alliance with the Blacks, Native Americans, and other
oppressed communities.

The Hmong community has been here 30 years not by choice, but
circumstances created by the U.S. war machine in Southeast Asia. A
third of the Hmong population perished for their loyalty and commitment
to the U.S. government. The Hmong in the U.S. have established
themselves as some of the most prosperous Asian Americans in activism,
education, businesses, and mainstream politics.

For more information on the Hmong visit or the
Center for Hmong Study at