Re: MPLS Police Executed Hmong Boy - Rally at City Hall Today at 3PM.

I think this could be the result of chay vang's killing of six white
people. This could be the way to get back to the Hmong people. The
Hmong should form alliance with other minorities group such as the
africans americans, americans indians and other asians group. Without
the assistance of the other minorities group, the Hmong will never win
this case in Court.

LoneWriter wrote:
There will be a rally at MPLS city hall, 3PM. Come meet at Lao Family
by 2PM. Transportation will be provided to City Hall. A small vigil
will be held at Cityview Elementary where Officer Anderson executed

Fong Lee was crushed by police car while riding his bike and then
executed Saturday 7PM, by rookie police officer Jason Anderson.

MPLS police department took 12 hours to clean crime scene before
notifying Fong's family. By law it should only take 2 hours. Fong was
shot in the back 4 times before being dragged to behind a school and
shot 5 more times.

Police chief have move quickly cover up the murder and has already
brought back officer Anderson on duty before a complete investigation,
to make it seems as though nothing had happened. Fong is the third
Hmong killed by police, the second to be shot in the back.