If Lis Teeb was freely escaped by lpdr

According to Congressional briefing on October 1st, 2001 in Washington
D.C. It clearly reveals that Ly Teeb Lis Nyiaj Vws and Moua Pao were
the prominent opponents at Camp reeducation in Viengxay, Xannua for
months before Moscow's authority came to Viengxay.

After that visit, Soviet's adviser advising LPDR either to release Tou
By Ly Fong and King Svang Watthana or persecute them before United High
commission visit Xannua.

The next morning LPDR ordered the secret service to gun down Tou By
while sharpening knife in front a cabin and was carried away by a sack
cloth to a canal near by.

From there Ly Teeb and Moua Pao escaped to unite with the Chao Fa force
in Muang Noi China, unfortunately on the way to Yunan. They were so
hungry and went to beg for food at a village
near chinese-Laos border. They were captured by the LPDR Kong Lon and
brought back to persecute in Xiengxay.

In my perspective, If Lis Teeb was escaped freely to join the Chao Fa
in China. LPDR shall surely face big trouble in Northern Laos. Because
he would certainly act the opposite of Pa Kao Her by bring Chao Fa
troop to protect only Thai's border.


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