Re: Free vacation stay in florida

beemouachaofa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Dear Brothers, Sisters Christians Pastors, and
> Priest:
> My brand new vacation's house is about 35 minutes from Orlando which
> has easy access to majors vacation events in Florida. It has beautiful
> view with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 cars garage.
> If you and your families are going vacation in that State. I will be
> glad to let you stay free up to 2 weeks without paying anything.
> To enter to this vacation house you need to have a special code for
> opening the Community's gate and instruction to opening my house.
> Qualification:
> 1- You must be a Pastor or priest.
> 2- Makes less than $4,5000.00 per year.
> 3-Clean recorded and letter recommendation from the Elderlies of your
> current church.
> may god bless you.


What about other clean Hmong professional? You should not separate
other Hmong professional who are Christian from just Hmong Priest and

Dr. Pao