Re: happy hour query

On Mon, 2 Jan 2006, Jimbo wrote:

Alvin E. Toda wrote:

On Sat, 31 Dec 2005, Jimbo wrote:

Any suggestions for good 'happy hour' places in
Waikiki area?

I don't know if Ala Moana Shoping center is
considered "Waikiki Area"? There's a place on
Kapiolani and Pensacola called Gyu-kaku Yakiniku
that give a happy hour special starting from about 5
before dinner, and after dinner hours starting from
9pm. It's 50% off the Kirin Beer and 50% one of the
meats. It's unusual because it has charcoal yakiniku
cookers rather than gas.

Thanks!  A little bit of a walk but might try.  If
not will start around noon to try to get a parking
slot in Ala Moana.  :-)

RE parking. It seems Dec and Jan there's no parking directly in front of the restaurant on Kapiolani after 6pm (which may be outside of the early happy hour). You could park mauka of Kapiolani on Pensacola. But on the other side, there are a number of small Korean bars in the neighborhood at nite that make street parking difficult. But perhaps if you arrive at 5 for the happy hour at Gyu-Kaku's when the Korean Bars might be not be opened, there'll be more parking on the street makai of Kapiolani. There's also a parking garage on the street in back of the restarant that may do validated parking, but I've never tried it. You might ask the parking attendent..