Re: informal poll

jafrikayiti@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Mango,
> Instead of imagining why I do not trust Boulos, Carney, Foley and all
> these foreigners who think and behave as if God from heaven give them
> the right to try whatever foolish experiement they can think of on our
> people, you should take the time to go to their websites and read about
> these folks. The Haiti Democracy Project on which Boulos and Carney
> serve alongside James Morrell, recommended to reduce the number of
> registration booths from several thousands to a little over 400 this
> year. And within days of that recommendation, not only was it endorsed
> but the so-called President of the CEP made his famous statement to the
> effect that it will be no big loss if the "slum dwellers" don't vote
> this year.
> Of course, it is this same James Morrell of the Haiti Democracy Project
> who cleverly tried to avoid facing me during an interview with the
> CBC, a few months after the coup. See his performance here:
> That Haiti "Democracy" Project is so "sispèk tankou chen ki pete nan
> legliz" , they have just released a statement trying to justify their
> support for Siméus. Even, justifying one more kadejak on the Haitian
> Constitution and sovereignty in order to put their last found Uncle
> Tom in the palace.
> See
> ----
> Mango, you can try to play the race card as much as you would like.
> But, anyone who is just and impartial can see that the many who are
> disgusted by the behaviour of the Apaid, Baker, Foley, Carney, Morrell,
> Boulos, Rice, Powell, Noriega, Helms klan do not challenge these fools
> out of race prejudice but because they are freaks who keep playing with
> the lives of millions of people.
> Haiti is not a circus. They are treating tyhe people of Haiti as if
> they were circus animals. And unfortunately many of us are applauding
> as if we were members of the audience... not realizing that in fact, we
> are inside the same cages....
> Listen to Jules describing how Carney walks around speaking Kreyol and
> addressing the "ti machann" - as if this should land Carney a nobel
> prize. What the hell do we expect a U.S. agent to be doing? Of course,
> the man mingles so he can have a good knowledge of his threats and
> opportunities in the conquered territory? What you need to ask
> yourself is this? With them having so much access and control over
> everything in the country how come the ti-machann they are speaking too
> in perfect Creole keep having her children killed by the AK47 and Uzis
> and M16 that his U.S. government keep sending in a country that
> supposedly is undergoing "peace-keeping"?
> Se domaj ki fè domaje ! Nou gen je men nou refize louvri yo pou nou
> wè.

You're still whining. You expect me to agree with you that white people
are machine gunning down ti machanns for no reason all day long, every
day just for the pure joy of slaughtering black people? Gimmee a
freakin break Jafrik. Yes people are dying, as they have been for's n better today then before and that's not trying to
excuse the violence since it is a two-way street. The UN would not be
in Haiti if it were not for the "pro-Lavalas gangsters". Tell your
homiez to put their guns down and I guarantee peace. But they won't
because they only want Aristide back...

m. "by any means necessary?...yeah, that movement died also a long time