Re: Greek parents spend 1 bln on private tutoring

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(Did Retzios' parents wasted their money?)

Greek parents spend 1 bln on private tutoring

Almost a fifth of family budget goes on teachers at home or cramming

Greek parents spend almost 1 billion euros a year on private tutoring
for their children, either at home or at cramming schools, according to
research published on Tuesday by the Network of Experts in the Social
Sciences of Education and Training (NESSE).

NESSE, a European Commission-funded network of scholars working on
social aspects of education and training, found that Greek families
invest 952 million euros a year, or 18.6 percent of total household
budgets, on tutoring.

This represents 20.1 percent of what the state spends on education each
year. More than 50 percent of Greek pupils have private tutoring and
their parents spend far more on this than any other families in the EU,
the report found.

Spanish parents spend a combined 450 million euros on private lessons,
while it costs Italians 420 million a year. NESSE observed a rise in
the percentage of the family budget allocated to tutoring in Northern
European countries such as Germany, Belgium and the UK, but the outlay
is nowhere near the same as in Greece.

It would be nice if this capital was spent on Post Secondary education

Frontistiria, as much as they are an indication of educational
dysfunction, they would not be under so much critique if they were
aimed at making university students better at their studies. Post
secondary education is where the emphasis should be at.

Unfortunately, the Greek education system places more emphasis on
Secondary education.

The Lyceum is set up like boot camp and the Panellinies are made
harder than the IQ tests of Mensa. Few societies produce as many
"failures" as Greece.

Even though entry at university is made hard, life at university is
easy and thoroughly infiltrated by Communist politics.