Re: Anarchists Rampage In Greece After Teen Shot

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The exact events leading up to Grigoropoulos' death still remain
unclear. The policeman who fired the deadly bullet continued to
confirm he solely fired warning shots. One of them ricocheted and hit the
boy. But at least three eye witnesses have said on Greek
television that the policeman aimed directly at the boy and shot him.

Karamanlis said there would be a complete investigation to clarify the
teenager's death and the guilty party would be brought to justice.

"I have assured the country's president: we will not show any mercy for
those responsible," he said.

I can't see how anybody in uniform in Greece could have shot a child, point blank, no matter how the populace in Greece perceives their police.

I think that this incident was the last straw in a series of perceived injustices, such as increased fuel prices, unemployment and the gap between rich and poor.

"the gap between rich and poor" has been widening at a steady rate since the 80's and the super rich get super richer.
Less people belong to the middle class now.

The mentality of entitlement still pervades Greece, as it pervades many other countries unfortunately and I personally find the riots reprehensible.

Also our civil rights are being eroded.

I beg to differ. Civil rights have been improving steadily for a long time now.
So do I:

Human rights eroding, analysts warn
Poll Results: 98% of Americans don't care
Rollback of Civil Rights
Loss of Our Civil Liberties
Welcome to the Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Are you concerned that the government's warrantless surveillance, detainee policies, and other post-9/11 laws and policies undermine our basic civil rights and liberties and make our country less safe? Join the Bill of Rights Defense Committee's national network of people who are taking meaningful action to restore protections guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.
The National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights (NCRCR) today filed an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court in Pearson v. Callahan, a case involving the warrantless search of a home.....

Police Chief: ID cards, the surveillance society and eroding civil liberties
A chief constable has broke ranks to complain about a lurch towards a “surveillance” society which is “eroding” civil liberties.

Your report on privacy highlights the extraordinary extent to which Britain has eroded innocent people's privacy since September 11th; but it's important also to see this in a longer-term context. As Privacy International notes, the erosion of individual privacy and the growing, barely-controlled accumulation and dissemination of ever more information on us by bureaucrats has been going on for many years, and lookss set to continue. This is not a temporary problem: it is continuing and worsening.

This Government has shown an alarming appetite for acquiring personal data and intruding on people's lives without clear good reason or adequate controls. It has even used people's very natural fear of terrorism to justify intrusions that having nothing to do with tackling that threat.

If we are to rein in this control-freak tendency, we desperately need to go back to first principles. The appetite (official and otherwise) and technology for information-gathering on millions of people exists as never before. We need a privacy law to protect our personal information, a law that clearly establishes our basic right to privacy and clearly marks out the exceptions to that rule and the necessary safeguards. A law that pulls together the concepts of individual privacy, free expression and freedom of informatin can genuinely protect all of them - and protect all of us from the unjustified snooping by an over-zealous bureaucracy.

John Wadham

London Bombings: Liberty's Anniversary Statement
07 Jul 2006
It is one year on and Liberty still feels outrage at the senseless and vindictive acts of terror carried out in London on the 7th July.
As we said at the time ‘our hearts go out to the victims and their families and our respect and profound gratitude to the emergency services. We have no doubt that the whole of society will support the police and security services in the task of bringing the perpetrators of these terrible crimes to justice’.

We also welcomed the response to the attacks from leading politicians across the political spectrum whose statements were a proportionate response to the events. Since that time we have, unfortunately, had occasion to oppose counter-productive legislation which restricts fundamental rights and freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism.

Such restrictions do not make us safer; they risk giving a victory to the terrorists by undermining good community relations and cooperation with the police and security services. One year on we hope politicians will once again seek consensus around a response based upon putting resources and commitment into defeating terrorism not passing unnecessary laws.
London Bombings Data Page
Eroding Americans' Last Defense: The Civil Justice System
by Ralph Nader

Our lawless President and his Congressional cohorts are pushing legislation that would significantly erode Americans' last defense against corporate crimes and frauds; the civil justice system. With a bill scheduled to reach the Senate floor next week, our freedom to redress harms in courts of law is in danger. S. 5, a proxy for last year's misnamed "Class Action Fairness Act," emerged from the Senate Judiciary Committee this week with little discussion and no public hearings. No public hearings! It will be rushed to the Senate floor next week, as befits this increasingly dictatorial Congress.

While the class action remedy has successfully provided many of those harmed by negligent actions an efficient means of redress for wrongful injuries and violations of civil and consumer rights since the 1960s, S. 5 would send most class actions to procedural purgatory. It would shift class action suits -- where any member of the class is from a different state than the defendant -- from state court to federal court. This coup encompasses class actions of any significance, according to respected legal scholar and Harvard professor Arthur Miller.

Before enacting such legislation, the burden of proof is on the Congress to demonstrate that state judges and jurors are unwilling, incompetent or unable to dispense justice based on the common law and state statutes. If proponents of this legislation were to talk to their home state judges, they would not support this federal usurpation of state judicial responsibilities. S. 5's backers also ignore the dire warnings of federal judges who are already presiding over congested courts and who admit that this bill will result in most cases being summarily dismissed on procedural grounds as being "unmanageable."

On what basis could such a fundamental right be taken from us?

EU governments eroding civil liberties at breathtaking rate in name of security
London, Sep 11 (ANI): EU governments and policy-makers are eroding civil liberties and privacy at a “breathtaking” rate in the name of security policy, a damning report has claimed.

Civil liberties watchdog Statewatch slammed the EU’’s post-9/11 security strategy as a “frightening” grab for every aspect of individual information.

The 60-page report - published on the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington - said that the EU now saw data privacy and judicial scrutiny of police surveillance tactics as obstacles to efficient law enforcement co-operation, rather than rights to be safeguarded.
911 Ripple Effect ***

... An outline in simple talking points ...
Complete 911 Timeline
1. Patriot Act - The War on Civil Liberties (1/3)
Indict Bush for Murder
FBI files indict Bush, Cheney and Co. as war criminals
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* Media

By Bill Van Auken, WSWS

The most stunning revelation in a 370-page Justice US Department Inspector General’s report released this week was that agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had formally opened a “War Crimes” file, documenting torture they had witnessed at the Guantánamo Bay US prison camp, before being ordered by the administration to stop writing their reports.

Below are the 35 articles of Impeachment coming from a newspaper overseas where they do more than talk about britney Spears

Article I
Creating a Secret Propaganda Campaign to Manufacture a False Case for War Against Iraq

Article II
Falsely, Systematically, and with Criminal Intent Conflating the Attacks of September 11, 2001, With Misrepresentation of Iraq as a Security Threat as Part of Fraudulent Justification for a War of Aggression

Article III
Misleading the American People and Members of Congress to Believe Iraq Possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction, to Manufacture a False Case for War

Article IV
Misleading the American People and Members of Congress to Believe Iraq Posed an Imminent Threat to the United States

Article V
Illegally Misspending Funds to Secretly Begin a War of Aggression

Article VI
Invading Iraq in Violation of the Requirements of HJRes114

Article VII
Invading Iraq Absent a Declaration of War.

Article VIII
Invading Iraq, A Sovereign Nation, in Violation of the UN Charter

Article IX
Failing to Provide Troops With Body Armor and Vehicle Armor

Article X
Falsifying Accounts of US Troop Deaths and Injuries for Political Purposes

Article XI
Establishment of Permanent U.S.
Military Bases in Iraq

Article XII
Initiating a War Against Iraq for Control of That Nation's Natural Resources

Article XIIII
Creating a Secret Task Force to Develop Energy and Military Policies With Respect to Iraq and Other Countries

Article XIV
Misprision of a Felony, Misuse and Exposure of Classified Information And Obstruction of Justice in the Matter of Valerie Plame Wilson, Clandestine Agent of the Central Intelligence Agency

Article XV
Providing Immunity from Prosecution for Criminal Contractors in Iraq

Article XVI
Reckless Misspending and Waste of U.S.
Tax Dollars in Connection With Iraq and US Contractors

Article XVII
Illegal Detention: Detaining Indefinitely And Without Charge Persons Both U.S.
Citizens and Foreign Captives

Article XVIII
Torture: Secretly Authorizing, and Encouraging the Use of Torture Against Captives in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Other Places, as a Matter of Official Policy

Article XIX
Rendition: Kidnapping People and Taking Them Against Their Will to " Black Sites" Located in Other Nations, Including Nations Known to Practice Torture

Article XX
Imprisoning Children

Article XXI
Misleading Congress and the American People About Threats from Iran, and Supporting Terrorist Organizations Within Iran, With the Goal of Overthrowing the Iranian Government

Article XXII
Creating Secret Laws

Article XXIII
Violation of the Posse Comitatus Act

Article XXIV
Spying on American Citizens, Without a Court-Ordered Warrant, in Violation of the Law and the Fourth Amendment

Article XXV
Directing Telecommunications Companies to Create an Illegal and Unconstitutional Database of the Private Telephone Numbers and Emails of American Citizens

Article XXVI
Announcing the Intent to Violate Laws with Signing Statements

Article XXVII
Failing to Comply with Congressional Subpoenas and Instructing Former Employees Not to Comply

Article XXVIII
Tampering with Free and Fair Elections, Corruption of the Administration of Justice

Article XXIX
Conspiracy to Violate the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Article XXX
Misleading Congress and the American People in an Attempt to Destroy Medicare

Article XXXI
Katrina: Failure to Plan for the Predicted Disaster of Hurricane Katrina, Failure to Respond to a Civil Emergency

Article XXXII
Misleading Congress and the American People, Systematically Undermining Efforts to Address Global Climate Change

Article XXXIII
Repeatedly Ignored and Failed to Respond to High Level Intelligence Warnings of Planned Terrorist Attacks in the US, Prior to 911.

Article XXXIV
Obstruction of the Investigation into the Attacks of September 11, 2001

Article XXXV
Iraq for Sale: Part.1
NSA Spying on Americans Is Illegal (12/29/2005)
Leave No Marks: "Enhanced" Interrogation Techniques and the Risk of Criminality

Leave No MarksA new report issued by Human Rights First and Physicians for Human Rights provides the first comprehensive look at the legality of 10 so-called “enhanced” interrogation techniques in light of the medical evidence on their mental and physical impact. Many of these techniques are widely reported to have been authorized for use by the CIA. On July 20, the President issued an Executive Order on the CIA interrogation program that fails to prohibit these techniques. The report finds that each of these techniques, including mock-drowning, sexual humiliation, severe isolation and sensory bombardment are prohibited by U.S. law and could subject U.S. officials who authorize or use them to criminal prosecution.
Kosovo: A European Narco State
Poverty USA

Image:United States Income Distribution 1967-2003
To which one can respond that if "collective security" demands the surveillance of all
movements and all telecommunications and the collection of all the fingerprints of
everyone living in the EU there can be no individual freedom, except that sanctioned by
the state. "Freedom" is not just about rights it is also the freedom "from" state
surveillance and control. Put another way, if "collective security" requires the state, in
"the name of all", to set the limits, boundaries and sanctions of all our actions it is a
recipe not for "freedom" but enslavement.
"Upcoming" priorities Frattini said included:
"the wider use of phone-tapping and CCTV"

Are we talking about civil rights in the US, where gay marriage is allowed, abortion is rampant, pay equity between the sexes is improving at a time when a black president was elected? Ever heard of the ACLU?

The Liberal media is shameless in propagating lies to prove that Bush and anything conservative is ass-backwards and irrelevant.

Ever read Chicken Little?