Holocaust is a half-truth ! History repeats itself.

Holocaust is a half-truth ! History repeats itself.

Vera Schiff's message concerning her interment during the war, in a
concentration camp, under the Nazi's is a great message that must not
be allowed to be manipulated in hopes of avoiding war and another
"holocaust" because of a lack of respect for life and the manipulation
of truths, half-truths and lies.

Back in the 1980's while having coffee with a Jewelry salesmen, a
Jewish man by the name of Charles Weinberg, showed me his prison camp
serial number tattooed to his wrist, and he told me an important truth.
It was that most people were and are not aware that there were many
people interned in those concentration camps besides Jews, including
political dissidents. In fact Canada had their own interment camps,
concentration camps, comprised of people, labeled by the "powers" of
the day as a threat, immigrants and Canadians from the countries this
country was at war with during that time period. This was and is the
injustice and discrimination of war that led to the loss of millions of
innocent lives and much suffering.

It is very important that we appreciate the message of Vera Schiff in
that we must take a stand and be on the lookout for evil, "People who
have religious, and ethnic biases...be wary of intolerance and groups
that foster hate ". I am sure that there are many other biases that are
possible and that we should have been watching for and it is "political
correctness' that subtly restricts our abiltiy to criticize our own

On July 5, 1989, following many complaints from individuals I knew, a
letter of mine was published by the Chronicle Journal in Thunder Bay,
Ontario entitled, "Hunt for Abusive Parents Misdirected". ( It was in
response to a letter from the agency entitled, "CHILD ABUSE REFERRALS
FROM SCHOOLS DISAPPOINTINGLY LOW -June 27, 1989. ) The letter outlined
how the spectrum of child abuse had been corrupted to attack parents,
and fathers in particular. The corrupted model of abuse was based on a
bigoted and biased half-truth model, "men who abuse, women and children
victims. A model that included the 'cult-feminist' ideology between men
and women. I am certain that this led to the current problem in our
schools of teachers being bullied, as some children have been educated
to see themselves only as victims, but not as abusers.

During the last 25 years, another political agenda has been able to
manipulate and corrupt our models of abuse and violence to promote
another bigoted half-truth model that has polarized and divided our
society in Canada. Rather than promote the elimination of abuse of
all people that would be men, women and children, we have allowed a
biased political agenda, again under the flag of cult-feminism, to
promote a deceptive part-of- the- truth statement, that has totally
ignored the millions of healthy unborn children killed through abortion
in North America; what is being referred to as the 'silent

Vera Schiff's message concerning the Holocaust is a message that is
too late for Canadians. You see the 'hatred' and "discrimination"
that was part of world war II has repeated itself in Canada by
different groups, at different groups. Yes, the Spanish-born
philosopher and poet George Santayana was right, "who cannot remember
the past are condemned to repeat it," and tragically another
'holocaust' has developed based on the manipulation of truth,
half-truths, and lies !

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Caesar J. B. Squitti