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Now tell me your history, Joe's very good, it is worth a book. Write
them down, you owe your anceators thus, honor them!

BWAHAHAHAHAWR! What a romantic fool. Are you sad/mad that there are no
titles of nobility that you should have inherited, Your Grace? You can
buy a Lordship in the UK if your're interested.

Nothing wrong with being romantic. It's one of the best Pinoy traits!
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DSP's an idiot, how many times have I mentioned that all titles of nobility can be bought, in this NG in fact.

Challenge: Repost 'em! BWAHAWR!

Now in Pinas, you can buy Datu titles, the same as in Malaysia. So what is the big deal with it now?

They are not titles of nobility. I suggest you read the Philippine Constitution when you get the chance.

Not a damn thing. He's making issues when there is none, like always...

Gives me much kiliti seeing you jump on your own ass. Bwahahahawr!

A big idiot, only a big idiot can ASS-UME.

I may be an idiot, but I'm only regular sized, you imbecile. Bwahawr!

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Regular sized IDIOT?!?!?!?!???