Re: Another Super Typhoon :-(

"Just JT" <JohnnyThor@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

If I find you, I will hurt you. How's that? LMAO.


Whoa! What bold and uncalled for statements! This happens when a
small-minded unscrupulous person dwell in his own nationality newsgroup for
a very long time, having a reckless go at any newbie and gets away with his
proverbial cowardice. The above irresponsible statement is a serious threat
to a man's personal security and a big blow to the integrity of this
newsgroup having allowed this individual to rant without restraint.
If the victimised individual here has enough resources, this could lead to a
litigation and boy, oh boy, I can see big bucks here...
igotskillz, find yourself a good lawyer, son.