Re: Tabon man (Re: philippine architecture from bahay kubo to bahay na bato)

Dirty Sick Pig wrote:

You didn't get it. This is not about retention of cultural values and traits. What I see as a problem is the REQUIREMENT to have Spanish translations of signs, legislation in some jurisdictions, BALLOTS and other official documents. Why do we have to go through all this bullshit that we don't do for other immigrant nationalities who are intelligent enough to learn English? Why is a Polish immigrant forced by circumstances to learn English but America bends over to ENSURE that Hispanics don't have to learn English because English-speakers WILL learn Spanish? Do you have a clue?

Senor Cochon y Dirty

I don't really care about that, for or against. This is your problem. I myself would like to see English translations on signs, like they do in Kuwait, Philippines and lots of places.
Why do they have English translation anyway?

Is it any different putting Spanish in our street signs?

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