Re: Proclamation 1017


Da Tejas Pig in Virginland

ih8phy6@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
What's this dish/bowl you're referring to now? Is it a dog or perhaps
some sort of animal you think I am? Sounds to me like you're the
name-calling champ in this thread. Take a bow, female-canine-in-heat.
Now, try to stick to the topic without making assumptions about
complete strangers' educational attainment.
If advocating taking to streets in the hopes of voicing dissent or
calling for the people to overthrow a
corrupt/threatening/apathetic/plutocratic administration is illegal,
then our so-called leader is guilty on every count. So're the people
who played a part in overthrowing Macoy. So's anyone who was ever
delusional enough to believe that they have rights and that the
government is supposed to be run by not just anyone who can afford to,
but also that just because they're in authority doesn't mean they can
do whatever the hell they want without fear of retaliation.
Free speech is not just words, it includes action. Words by themselves
are meaningless...politicians are the perfect example. So if one is
against something, not only must he speak out, he must act. To say that
the president would suck Dubya's Texan bell-end if it meant getting
more OFW's slaving away over there, is soulless, devoid of personality,
a Hillary Clinton wannabe, would just be amusing and hypocrical, and
would have no effect whatsoever. Which is exactly what the Man wants.
Talk, don't act. Write, but don't incite. Scream, but do so from where
we can keep an eye on you.