Re: Best Male & Female Filipino(a) Singer?

"tumbaga" <tanso@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
Sylvia Knörr wrote:
"tumbaga" <tanso@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
Sylvia Knörr wrote:

Filipinos had always held that performance gig as the best in Asia.

Maybe it's because Filipino musicians do not only play their thing,
also know how to connect with the audience.

Connecting with the audience, yes, you play for them, so you play them!

Exactly. There is always interaction, and after a while the audience and
musicians are like a big family. That's quite different from some
bands I saw - some were so aloof, almost like robots. I prefer musicians
flesh and blood. ;-)

Oh, you noticed that, yes, that is why Filipino bands are always in
demand everywhere, they know how to play the audience.

If I had to hire a band for a garden party, I would choose a Pinoy band
anytime. Too bad that original Pinoy musicians rarely play in Germany. They
could add a LOT to the local music scene.

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