Re: Taxi Fare - Manila Airport to US Embassy

No, there probably are no other airports around the world that do so.
However, the system now in place at NAIA and NAIA2 is light years better
than what was available before - with "metered" taxis. The fare to the US
Embassy is probably around P450 or so. The fare a few months ago had been a
stable P350, but with the gasoline price increases the companies available
(Nissan, Avis, etc.) have taken it as carte blanche to raise fares

In February my hubby told the driver at the end of the ride that he was
going to give a substantial tip - but the increase in prices took that away.
I am sure that was painful for the driver but hubby apparently was trying to
make a point - albeit the hard way.

If you have family or friends who could get a taxi for you then you could
meet them outside of the (horrible) visitors waiting area, the one that has
letters A-D, and E-H, etc., for the various gates. Our experience has been
that if your family does that then you have to give a big tip to the metered
taxi driver plus reimbursement for the parking fees, waiting time, etc. It's
too much hassle.

It is interesting that from the Malate/Ermita area to the airport the fares
are around P125 to P175, depending on traffic around Baclaran, etc. That is
far cheaper than the ride from the airport.

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What is the approximate cost in pesos? We'll be leaving the airport at
7 PM Friday. How long does it take to get from the airport to the
embassy area? I assume that taxis are metered; is that a correct

I has been a while since I been to Manila. ( I avoid it if I can)
Unmetered hire cars are the only ones allowed at the arrival terminals.
can charge what they want and usually do.

For anyone unfamiliar with the place, I would suggest using the
"coupon taxis" at the arrivals area instead of going outside the
airport and trying to find a metered taxi. The chances of getting a
regular taxi to use his meter from the airport in the inevitable heavy
traffic at 7pm on a Friday evening are almost zero.

The coupon taxis all operate according to a fixed tariff which is
displayed on a board at the taxi stand. I believe the fare to that
part of Manila is around P500.


Does anyone know of any other airport in the world that bans Meter taxis?
I have done a lot of travelling and never have come across one.